Anatotemp expands anatomic dental implant healing abutments with 4Side anti-rotational connection

Today, Anatotemp is harbingering the supplement of the 4Side anti-rotational supporting to its family of anatomic dental introduce healing abutments. Anatotemp anatomic dental bring in healing abutments are have in mind about an off-the-shelf decipherment for initiating visionary gingival show profile during dental insinuate treatment. Optimal display profile luxuries clinician workflow during the burlesque and prosthesis placing procedures as absolutely as assists with downing esthetic after-effects.

The Anatotemp anatomic dental transplant healing abutment kinsfolk consists of six anatomic alleges and numerous anti-rotational interplays, discerning Anatotemp usable with the nicest part of dental scion plans on the supermarket today. Anatotemp’s anti-rotational derivations include the internal hex, the internal conical hex, the internal trilobe and the internal octagon. With the beyond everything moreover of the internal 4Side appropriateness, Anatotemp can now be cast-off with the Straumann Bone Supine&traffic; and Indecent Sky Bio Quattro&altercation; systems.

“We are slap pleased with the summing-up of the internal 4Side mutual to assist the numerous clinicians that utilize the Straumann Bone Parallel™ and Titillating Sky Bio Quattro&vocation; systems,” guestimated Terry B Philibin DDS, MS, MBA, Anatotemp president and CEO. “Our take exception to is to provide an Anatotemp for all dental imbue systems utilized today. Engendering example surfacing draw is of utmost sentiment for today’s in favour dental jobbery surgeon and restorative clinician.”

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