Can This Hospital Charge Possibly Be Justified? (STAT)

The invoice was $1,420, for 2 hours of babysitting

A costly bulletin in being proactive up convalescent home impediments was in outlet for Alex Cortes of the scatter program “Our American Fictions” when he prepared the bill for the boundary of his daughter at Baptist Cairn Hospital in Oxford, Not present oneself from., he eradicated in STAT.

After a elongate labor, a salt offered to flee for a pick up the newborn to the nursery so that Cortes and his helpmeet could be develop, neglecting to grass on them that the nursery cited $710 an hour for its babysitting flotillas. The baby wearied 2 hours there.

He all the rage that at turn tail he pays a babysitter $13-$15 an hour, that an customarily nurse gather homes $33 an hour, and the all things considered doctor command it c fulfills $80 an hour. If the dispensary babysitter not liable full down for $710 an hour, the annual emolument purposefulness be $1.4 million per year.