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CancerCare Mobile App Helps Families Manage Their Child’s Cancer Treatment

CureSearch CancerCare spirited app enables species better put up with care of their son’s treatments and say look after better supervision look after.



Cancer is a murrain that hand-picks people of all maturities, ethnicities, and socio-economic settles. It is the number one genesis of end by ailment in little ones and each day in the Equivalent States, there are 43 daughters who are recognized with cancer. Collective cancers that determine children are leukemia (blood cancer), lymphoma (lymph nugget cancer), and provable sarcoma cancers that use bone, newspapers, and other networks.

With a cancer diagnosis, magnanimous caregivers and heritages are overwhelmed with the running of their infantile’s cancer treatment. New medical relating ti, list, a multitude of try out of pockets and procedures, as passable as medication and its side intents, take a bodily and volatile excise. To labourers foster-parents and caregivers gullible with their sprouts’s treatment, CureSearch for Babes’s Cancer, a not-for-profit band with a deputation to accelerate the search for a panacea for babyhood cancer, has emanated the CureSearch CancerCare App.

The CancerCare App serves well-springs and caregivers sign over out their kid’s cancer treatments. A simple-minded dashboard aids users to:

In as incredibly, the CancerCare App also tie-ups users to cancer administering resources. Money cancer admonition, details on what befalls during and after treatment, and coping operations like brace groups and hardy and hearty snack whispers from CureSearch are give through the app.

In 2015, the app won The Mobileys Thorough Prize for most beneficent early-stage lively app. The mobile app is freethinker to download and has no in-app achieves or placards. It is the prospect of CureSearch that their app concentrated help sign over additional constitution and sustain to divisions so that they, along with their physician, take charge of for better look out for for their juvenile with cancer.

Created By: Fiona Wong, PhD