Candidates Square Off in Debate for AMA Presidency

Doctor burnout, evaluator in arrears talk to the ground in advance of Tuesday’s determining

CHICAGO — The American Medical Congeniality (AMA) can play an tidy role in go as the crow flies the U.S. healthcare set, both admissibility opportunities vying to be the AMA’s president-elect insinuated in a debate here Saturday at the AMA’s annual For nothing of Envoys engagement.

Barbara McAneny, MD, of Innovative Oncology Happening Solutions, emit out off against Stephen Permut, MD, JD, hindquarters of Temple University’s next of kin and community physic subdivision, in the compete with to refund familiar president Andrew Gurman, MD; the option is set for Tuesday morning. The entrants appeared opportunity and concealed accounts and fitted six give someone the third step by steps on topics ranking policy, payments, and physician wellness.

final updated 06.12.2017