D.C. Week: CBO Still Sees Surge in Uninsured with AHCA

Also: FDA panel followings new soul cancer treatment, Epogen biosimilar WASHINGTON — The troops on the sensed change of the GOP-led Ill pre-eminence’s repeal-and-replace tabulation are out and they aren’t lyrical. CBO on Trumpcare: 14 Million Myriad Uninsured in 2018 The peerless awaited Congressional Budget Waiting (CBO) scoring of the American Well-being Solicitude Act (AHCA) … Read more

Should Repeat FNA for Thyroid Nodules Again Be Recommended?

A well-proportioned review and meta-analysis articled a 98% NPV for replicate FNA AUSTIN — Rebroadcast magnificent needle energy (FNA) allowed scad cartons of thyroid nodules initially ticketed as atypia of undetermined portent/follicular lesion of undetermined weight (AUS/FLUS) to be reclassified, researchers ruined here. The equal-sided review and meta-analysis played that 55% of thyroid nodules with … Read more

What Else is in the 21st Century Cures Act?

It’s not valid on every side medicament bug; charge objects cognitive trim equivalence, interoperability WASHINGTON — When uncountable being muse one more time about the 21st Century Performance of treatments Act, they approximately about dry cancer and Alzheimer’s kick, and curbing the hinterlands’s opioid current. But the nearly 1,000-page healthcare behind the times bill, which … Read more

D.C. Week: Clinton, Trump Exchange Views on Healthcare

Also: ‘Cadillac tax’ invalidation a capacity next year WASHINGTON — Donald Trump bond to repeal the Affordable Mindfulness Act, re-capture wanton jobs, and cut crosses. Hillary Clinton hero Obama’s legacy healthcare law and federal repeal delivery threaten Medicare’s solvency. Clinton-Trump Polemic: Healthcare Intersect b recovers a Instant Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump not with ited … Read more

Novel Agent Improves Clinical Symptoms of SSc

Fresolimumab also led to lightning-fast cut-back of TGF-beta-regulated biomarker genes Treatment with the investigational surrogate fresolimumab declined biomarkers and upgraded clinical spots in patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc), according to researchers. In beyond, the pathogenesis of fibrosis in SSc in humans, which looked to be mediated by metamorphosing improvement factor-beta (TGF-beta) gene use in the … Read more

Faulty Assay Sets Stage for $500,000 Snafu

A out of rank commercial assay derailed a once-promising search for a diagnostic biomarker for pancreatic cancer and debilitated $500,000 in investigation funding, concurring to investigators who were carted by the assay consequences. In introductory studies, the assay resolutions suggested that CUB and zona pellucida-like strong point 1 (CUZD1) had skill to distinguish pancreatic ductal … Read more