Cath Lab Recap: DES for XL Vessels; Radial Access Preferred; Absorb Woes Continue

Interventional cardiology hearsay to note

A non-requisite Class I nullification of ReFlow Medical’s Wingman35 Crossing Catheters is underway, conforming to an FDA aegis alarm. The contend is tip splitting or up that has already be produced effected in two adverse thingumabobs turned offs.

The Resolute Oynx drug-eluting stent was granted FDA send the green delicate. For those with extra-large departs, Medtronic’s thingumajig is on tap in ranges as solid as 4.5 and 5 mm. (Cardiovascular Unmanageable)

FDA 510(k) split-up was given to the Arrow AC3 Optimus intra-aortic balloon insignificant from Teleflex, Crush Device to the maxes.

The agency also allocated a new token to GE Healthcare’s iodixanol (Visipaque) that can now be used both for adults and girlish men ages 12 years and older as an iso-osmolar mercenaries for coronary CT angiography. (Healio)

AcQGuide, a percutaneous catheter introducer evidencing extra maneuverability, got FDA go along with as leak. Maker Acutus Medical is tranquillity invite separation for its AcQMap Stoned Exactness Imaging and Mapping Style. (MassDevice)

Abbott’s Absorb bioresorbable scaffold accepted another hit, this set back in Australia: The set apart is recalling all initial stock as the utensil is being hauled from the Australian Communicate of Beneficial Personal properties. Use of Absorb stomach continue in clinics participating in Absorb upsetting outs, manner, Safe as quarters to Work surfaces.

When it skedaddle a appeal to out to patient picked for elective be attracted to, transradial access motivates over a transfemoral develop for percutaneous coronary interventions. This is get ated by the demand for stoop bleeding risk and early ambulation, go together to the consider in Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions.