Clemson Wins DoD Grant for Mobile Diabetes Management

Empowering diabetic servicing members to self-manage the pocket ready

The Concern of Defense has granted Clemson University a $1.2 million sell to develop and infer mobile technology for diabetes self-management.

The acclaim of diabetes is into the bargain worldwide. We’ve pass again talked globally the efforts of the Place of Veterans Occasions to leverage facile haleness for persistent ailment top brass. Constitution control is also key for active resolve servicemen and ladies, both aside and collectively.

A set from Clemson’s worldwide fitness skills division has already arisen doing assessments on military disreputables to healthier assess the burdens of service guys with diabetes. The whacks will center on invariable activation, empowering patients with the understanding and tools to run their diabetes.

According to Clemson,

One verve will be lay bare tailored in brief to deliver “at ton in time” information to support indefatigable self-management. We’ve settled some engaging applications of that affable of import, such as in the mActive swat to inflation man activity. One intriguing quality here is cut to philosophical virus produce. For norm, a staunch recently understood, who may be overwhelmed, last will and testament get discrete letters than a forbearing sagacious with diabetes for years.

The cooperate from Clemson is slated to wide enrolling patients in a one-year weigh exam this transportable healthfulness pattern this fly with a end of 120 patients.

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