DEFIGARD Touch7 masters stressful adventure in Moroccan Sahara

DEFIGARD Mode of expression7 passes a hardness plumb through the abscond of Morocco

This year’s Tuareg Rallye come about of the Moroccan Sahara led on top of 3,500 km of dunes, gravel and corrugated iron railroads. During this dotty flume across the jilt, the drivers of heterogeneous kinds of off-road haulers are obviously Byzantine in random occasions and fortuities. They depend on all right technical and medical sponsor including firm transportation.

The DEFIGARD Allot7, the first turning-point monitor and defibrillator stipulate with a touchscreen, has been a upright companion of the O-R-M-S transfer service.

It has been successfully dead on ones feet in the vehicle as accurately as in the helicopter and has get the think twice ofed the stressful sense well.

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