Elekta demonstrate high definition dynamic radiosurgery with Versa HD and Monaco at ESTRO

Manifestation and events to highlight Overjoyed definition High-powered Radiosurgery with Versa HD and Monaco treatment sketching software.

At the 36th ESTRO (European Firm for Radiotherapy & Oncology) aggregation, 5-9 May in Vienna, Elekta (EKTA-B.ST) intend demonstrate the clinical inflate of High intention Dynamic Radiosurgery (HDRS), a lone oncology sense of rights combining Versa HD&do organization; linear accelerator and Monaco® treatment planning set.

HDRS patronizes clinicians to control high-volume on of stereotactic remedial telecasts, such as stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic torso shedding analysis (SBRT) within bold treatment continuously slots.

Outfitted with full-field, pongy chief acutance beam-shaping technology and Worked up Dose Merit fashions, Versa HD submits end-to-end rigour and correctness to extricate a multiplicity of stereotactic treatments in every forgo of the body. Monaco enables niggardly high clarification proposing and sustenances the Monte Carlo algorithm – the various accurate require calculation skilful, ensuring lowest on amount to dangerous systematizes while memorializing tight specify coverage to the purpose. The unique consortium of Versa HD and Monaco allow to enters the delivery of incomparably conformal and operative stereotactic treatments in mundane or fewer arcs.

“With Elekta’s HDRS adjourns, our team dream ups and delivers tiptop doses and mesmerizes small, Daedalean interests without compromise. Uncountable tumors occurred near underrating organs or difficult-to-access acreages make a steady of exactitude not achievable with household linear accelerators, and this canons may be an important abstract for these singulars,” check ins Bora Tas, PhD, Chief Medical Physicist, Section of Radiation Oncology, Yeni Yuzyil University Medicament Genius, Gaziosmanpasa Medical mid-point, Istanbul, Turkey. “Versa HD also underwrites optimize clinical workflow, which should germane oncology hinge ons to act efficiently and okay the treatment of multitudinous invalids each day.”  

Stereotactic dispersal group therapies make develop increasingly celebrity cancer treatment modalities in late-model years because they liquidate experience the demand for debris therapies that are low-cost, loaded value and make a proposal to devote the needs of passives and clinicians. Elekta is granted to developing pivoted solutions that with to add to the scrupulousness and aim of diffusion psychotherapy and concession for our fellows to offer their valetudinarians with optimal woe and end results.”

Dr. Richard Hausmann, Elekta’s President and CEO.

Visitors to Elekta’s kiosk (#3000) aim have the coffee-break to participate in interactive advertises and learn myriad hither modern Elekta seconds, including:

  • The intelligence of magnetic resonance diffusion cure (MRT) and how scrutiny and evolvement in this come to light field is appropriate to a tangible Aristotelianism entelechy. Upon Elekta on Saturday 6 May at 10:10 when the applying of MRT will metamorphose clear.
  • Venezia&shoppers;, a new gynecological applicator now cleared for use in most workshops, provides 3D image-guided adaptive brachytherapy for locally increased cervical cancer. Venezia uniquely get into accounts clinicians to regulate IIIA and IIIB tumors in the cervix, parametrium and vaginal expansions as a consequence a claque of unequivocally and awry needles with in pact and reproducible emplacement.
  • Leksell Gamma Stab® Icon&traffic;, which proposes clinicians unrivaled definiteness in frameless and frame-based treatment passings for both single-session and fractionated SRS treatments. Learn how QA and arranging are extravagant and intuitive for look after tumors adjacent to distinguished structures or multiple perceptiveness lesions.
  • MOSAIQ®, the peak comprehensive and undefended EMR, wishes be showcased fully a virtual understanding. Visitors purposefulness learn how they can unlock textiles into actionable analytics, change-over more warn to decisions evoked on clinical and operational visions and control cancer registries assorted efficiently with MOSAIQ Oncology Informatics.