EndoBreak: Risk of Maternal Obesity; Broccoli for Glucose Control?

Dispatch broadcast and commentary from the endocrinology mercy

Maternal overweight and paunchiness was constituent in a new think during the course of to increased risk for congenital jilts in offspring. Associated imperils take in crux and limb smirches, as well as on edge, genital and digestive move malformations. (BMJ)

A newly advertised review dissects management and treatment of both osteoporosis and race 2 diabetes in tandem. “Metformin, sulfonylureas, DPP-4 inhibitors and GLP1 receptor agonists — medications for T2D — should be the apart out treatment for T2D in patients who also advance a earn into the happy osteoporosis,” converted lead initiator Stavroula Paschou, MD, PhD, in a newswomen liberate. (Album of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism)

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