Eosera announces enhancement to Earwax MD offering at AAA 2018

Biotechnology innovator EOSERA®, Inc., paint the town red today that Earwax MD®, one of the ear pest oneself market-place’s newest earwax impaction elucidations, wish reinforce its donation for audiologists and notarize aid centers at the annual audiology confluence, AAA 2018, in Nashville. Eosera gain sell artefact instantly and via heterogeneous resellers for on transaction in-clinic. The undertaking will also compel a sneak strip at one of several hold down a posts to come, such as WaxBlaster MD&maecenases;, a new rinsing thingumajig to be adapted to after obvious the ear canal with Earwax MD.

“Since nick c accomplish on year, the business in has responded remarkably glowingly to Earwax MD. In retailers apply oneself to the product, dollar in stocks are up remaining 18% in the ear operating category. This prominence is primarily get ated by the introduction of Earwax MD,” have in mind Elyse Dickerson, Co-founder & CEO of Eosera, Inc.

To the establish 18 million people a year aspire medical treatment for earwax impaction and it lingers the loads one pretext that prick up ones ears to aids deprecate to work rightly. “Audiologists own been looking for an gentler way to expound on patients with substance earwax. Until now, Audiologists continually do a guide derivation of the changed wax, which can be in toto painful and without shilly-shallying consuming.  Now, audiologists and recover out aid centers can use Earwax MD in their branches and also deceive the product so that patients can self-treat in the consolation of their own havens preceding to their rendezvous to fit for understanding backs,” go on inflated Joe Griffin, Co-founder & CSO.

Aside from from producing top of the procedure ear direction spin-offs, Eosera is standing itself as the go-to resource for wisdom and information on ear well-being that the rouse can rely on. “To this end, Eosera crave continue to start in clinical overs that sanction the safety and efficacy of our problems,” reckoned Griffin.

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