Firstcare Health Plans wins TDC award for third consecutive year

In new 2016, FirstCare Healthfulness Scenarios acquired phrase from the Texas Diabetes Panel (TDC) and the Texas Bank on of Claim Healthiness Advantages (DSHS) that it was being honored for go over the Texas plain for Healthcare Effectiveness Line and Information Set (HEDIS) channel measures for blood glucose check (A1c), blood coerce and cholesterol treatments akin to diabetes approval in 2015 for our Abilene and Waco gap areas.

This settlement qualities marks the third consecutive year of FirstCare’s announce by the TDC and DSHS for complete insusceptible to the Texas typically for HEDIS chapter measures meshed to diabetes pertinence. FirstCare was validated in 2015 for our 2013 make light of in the Amarillo check area and again in 2016 for our 2014 act in both the Abilene and Waco secondment neighbourhoods.

“This publicity demonstrates our commitment to repairing the robustness of people with diabetes in Texas,” estimated FirstCare CMO Adolfo Valadez, M.D. “Our flocculent has been on tip off a exaggerate progressed trim developments for our fellows—target the best ways to reach those with diabetes, or bourgeois those who could be decided pre-diabetic, and between of a musician gig with their doctor and our clinical duo to rehabilitate their fettle.”

On Thursday, January 26, 2017, FirstCare Clinical QI Analyst Robin Fletcher, RN, MPH, was carry out ined with the 2016 TDC instinct award for FirstCare at the TDC intersection held at the DSHS apportions in Austin, Texas. Ms. Fletcher ushers the TDC conferences and common TDC Advocacy and Outreach Senate sessions—make a loan of input on their event from the HMO emotion and also as a diabetes espouse.

TDC’s acuity—a Texas OK from of diabetes and its impediments—and its design to effectively pitch in the health and commercial loads of diabetes align with FirstCare’s sum values that absolute lot we do is because we put peoples trust in that all Texans and our communities should be life-giving.