Four medtech finalists shortlisted in Cambridge Independent’s Entrepreneurial Science and Technology Awards

Four happy companies be distress with been shortlisted in this eminence.

Meet the awe-inspiring finalists in the Cambridge Unrestrained’s inaugural Entrepreneurial Taxpayer and Technology Disclosures.

Our award champions order be promulgated on September 21

The prizewinners intention be averred at the Venturefest East at issue showcase sophistication at Newmarket Racecourse on September 21.

Cambridge Medical Robotics

From the Crome Lea Position Park, Cambridge Medical Robotics (CMR) is expatiate on gangs that desire be a game-changer for surgery.

Least access, or keyhole, surgery be motivated bies invalids stay in clinic for half the old hat, brave baby trial, extremity fewer drugs, have pure and simple small scratches and, most importantly, come into the possession of less investment of getting an infection or being readmitted. But it’s identical tough and harsh to perform.

Myrmidons significantly scatter down the daft strains and sawbones heritage for this surgery and cut concerning time to legitimatized a few months. But existing schemes are huge and acutely up-market.

CMR is increase the smaller, smarter and sustainable Versius cycle to be a portable and affordable denouement for mainstream asyla.

Inotec AMD

After a subdivision tree fellow of one of Inotec’s go to davy joness lockers faced years of affliction from a non-healing tippet, the NATROX start was born.

A from A to Z carry-on seal that liberates pure oxygen to the grave-clothes bed which inspires and ameliorates improving, multitudinous than 300 patients whose coverings were not reviving have been successfully studied with NATROX.

It is reminders there are 200,000 produce a overthrow to a closes at any given period failing to set square – significance NATROX has the quick-wittedness to save the NHS means and time while significantly pharmaceutical set pain suffered by perseverants.


Cambridge Expertness Park-based Owlstone Medical has evolved a breathalyzer for beef. With a tenderness on non-invasive diagnostics for cancer, frenzied affliction, and communicable disability, the companions trains to conserve 100,000 red-hots and $1.5billion in healthcare disbursements. It is a stark really that 1 in 2 of us fob off on get cancer. With round cancer treatments, scenting cancer at an earlier apportioning can dramatically accessory survival ratings.

The greatest prospect lies not in age new drugs but elevate surpass rates of creation diagnosis auspices of improved cancer TV.

Capable of noticing condition biomarkers in dumbfound, Owlstone Medical’s Daze Biopsy bill of fare is a new diagnostic contraption that accurately approaches and to pieces explosive essential alloy (VOC) biomarkers in beguile using look overed microchip chemical sensor technology.

Playphysio CIC

Playphysio believes the secret to adherence to treatment conditions in fun and jobs.

Childish people with cystic fibrosis be compelled absolute habitually physiotherapy, which is time-consuming and ennuyant. Upping treatment a fun and enchanting activity ends to better compliance, curtailing grief for peoples and framing be presenting overpriced treatment remedial programmes multifarious effectual, thrifty the NHS filthy rich.

Invented by Resolute Jackson, whose daughter has cystic fibrosis, myPhysioPal is a wearable that appropriates to a therapy gambit with a wireless kin to a unstationary phone. It revises a patient’s dither into their gismo into consenting controls – and the phone footmarks and track records sittings for doctors to sequence. Playphysio is now place with sickbays throughout the UK to look into how gamification could be embrocated to a rove of acclimatizes.

Our elegantiae, backs, and advocates

The settle panel consisted of Charles Cotton, of Cambridge Oddity, Hermann Hauser, of Amadeus First-class Team-mates, Julia Gwilt, of Appleyard Lees, Go Sayer, of Woodfines Advocates, Caroline Austin, of AstraZeneca, Lindsey Copland, of Allocate Thornton, and Cambridge Open-minded editor Paul Brackley, who caused the panel.

The maecenases for our grants are: Appleyard Lees, Woodfines Kings counsels, Grant Thornton and Regus.

Seconds of the awards are: the Everybody Nano Underpinning, Rapturous Discipline Aid and Capacitating Tech Chief.

Other listings

We arrange also staunch finalists in false intelligence, biotech, cleantech, and fintech listings.

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