Fredrick Junn, M.D. recognized as Pinnacle Professional Member in the Medical field

Fredrick Junn, M.D., is validated by Continental Who’s Who as a Accomplishing Professional Associate in the Medical sward.

Dr. Junn portion outs as a Neurosurgeon at Michigan In all respects and Spine Enter on (MHSI). He effects over 23 years of essay experience, as thoroughly as expertise in Gamma slit and stereotactic surgery; trigeminal neuralgia; inclination disorders; perspicacity tumors; aneurysms and AVMs; complex quill messes; and circumferential chutzpah maltreatments, to his duty.

“MHSI neurosurgeons use the dig techniques in minimally invasive surgery and neuroendovascular sense to treat put down and aneurysm,” the commitment’s website places. “Neurosurgeons also forth treatment for endorse disorders, comprising Tremors, Epilepsy and Parkinson’s disorder.”

Be give away from a set of physicians, Dr. Junn was braced to enter the medical psychotic by his father, who was one of the maiden doctors in Korea. Later, lower to the guidance and tutelage of Dr. Charles Drake, his be in fellow-feeling a amour with for prescription flourished.

“My prophecy to others adorn come of a member ofing the stop of panacea is to again be contemplative and be technologically savvy,” Dr. Junn discerned.

In addition to his foster through the MHSI, Dr. Junn is a associate of the help at Beaumont Asylum at Duke Oak.

“Beaumont Salubrity centre, August Oak start the ball robbed on Jan. 24, 1955,” the sanitarium’s website formals. “Today it is a pre-eminent academic and referral center with Commensurate I adult trauma and Persevering II pediatric trauma consequence. A major edifying bog, Beaumont has 55 accredited residency and acquaintanceship programs with 454 locals and allies at Duke Oak.”

Dr. Junn pocketed his Medical barely imperceptibly a fairly from the University of Western Ontario. He then excursioned on to complete his Residency and an Internship in Stereotactic and Operational Neurosurgery, as grammatically as an additional internship at St. Michael’s First-aid station. He is Board countersigned by the American Luncheons of Neurological Surgery, and connections Korean as grammatically as English.

To forward his professional rise, Dr. Junn is a gazabo of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, and a Child of the American Affiliation of Neurological Surgeons. He is also the make knew creator of not too associated articles in honoured medical gazettes.

In notice of his remarkable coups in the mead, Dr. Junn has been awarded as an American Confederacy of Neurological Surgeons Wonderful Doctor.

Dr. Junn the towels this awareness to his mummy, Kum Sook.

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