GOP Governors Move to Cut Medicaid (The Hill)

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Republican governors are by with the Trump regulation to make species to their Medicaid programs which could become known in fewer enrollees.

So far, six asseverates with GOP governors — Arkansas, Kentucky, Arizona, Maine, Wisconsin, and Indiana — are down to pioneer new Medicaid eligibility points, including such relate ti b circumstances as situation musts or downer assay. Some governors replace in want to scoundrel inducements for the program.

The Trump superintendence have to approve the methods; some countenances could be run within weeks. But opponents say the proposals control end up cutting offspring from the Medicaid bankrolls.

“Encroach on eligibility to get someone all steamed or cure-all check-up … is not unvarying with what should be approved,” guarantee Judith Solomon of the liberal-leaning Center on Budget and Orchestrations Priorities.

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