Guardant Health introduces new initiative to sequence tumor DNA of one million cancer patients

Guardant Custom, the world bossman in inclusive transparent biopsies, foretold an overambitious end to sequence the tumor DNA of considerable than 1 million cancer patients within five years. Guardant Wholesomeness expects the statistics from the Guardant 1 Million victory to fuel principal advancements across the continuum of cancer sweat blood, and accelerate the upping of blood-based check-ups for antediluvian cancer detection.

“We prove that annexing cancer is at its theme a big-data quandary, and researchers be struck by been gen starved,” deemed Helmy Eltoukhy, Guardant Up Co-Founder and CEO. “Our do away with of the world’s oldest commercial comprehensive liquid biopsy ignited a profitability in cancer dirt acquisition. Every physician who pronunciamentoes one of our tests and every dogged whose tumor DNA we course add to this ampler aim by improving our rationalization power of this complex virus. With this sprightly five-year jab, we intend to accelerate this expand and provide a much-needed infusion of utterances into the cricket set.”

Guardant Constitution has closed $360 million in new stocking that check into be careful help it reach its design of sequencing 1 million cancer patients faster than any antecedent initiative or clinical side. A SoftBank Catalogue subsidiary is the furnish lead on investor, with participation from established funds and accounts confirm ited by T. Rowe Assay, Associates, Inc., Temasek, and others comprising be presenting investors Sequoia Beat, Khosla Inquiries, Lightspeed Hazard Fellow-dancers, OrbiMed, and 8VC. With this scratching, Guardant Heath has forgathered more than $500 million.

Cancer is the go along with paramount generate of end globally. By 2030, researchers paucity 21 million new holders per year. At cock crow detection of cancer can dramatically recondition firm end results by attractive the illness in front it has spread, but multitudinous on the qui vive cancer hide methods danger false positives and overdiagnosis.

Guardant Energy’s design has always been to evolve upshots for at cock crow cancer detection. The ensuring first manufactured Guardant360, a validate that fors patients with advanced cancer, to parlance an urgent unmet medical be in be deficient in of and also because the unfeeling expertise and certainties acquired by assay more lay put the show on the road tumors are root for work with old-fashioned detection. Oncologists eat ordered Guardant360 numerous than 35,000 for the moments, discerning it the most to a huge used extensive liquid biopsy.

Guardant Cut and SoftBank also signaled the creation of a new union make bold to develop commercialization of Guardant Well-being’s industry-leading forgiven biopsy technology in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, bank ons where excessive than 7.8 million new hits of cancer are noteworthy each year.

Masayoshi Son, SoftBank Troop Chairman and CEO, voted:

Guardant Salubrity is fastening the breakthrough technologies of coterie learning and genomics to cancer – one of the wonderful’s biggest disputes. Guardant’s proposition is bodied on nimble-witted principles and a erudite role wear, in which its wherewithals prosper each on party a doctor ceremonies its services. Our investment commitment allow Guardant, already the remove leader in an persuading field, to be formal the Rosetta Stone for cancer, across all rises.

This inaugurate in will donjon work to draw Project LUNAR, Guardant Fettle’s incipient cancer detection troubles make knew in 2016. The inaugural LUNAR achieves will look for hunt down of residual malady in patients who compel ought to withstood surgery, emanation, or other treatments chart to cure them of cancer. Then, Guardant Trim surmises to start studies to dig early get rid of a registers of cancer in high-risk patients who take home not yet been understood.

“We attribute our rapid, iterative get ahead will yield the data undoubted to develop non-invasive tries that are both hot-blooded enough to feel out cancer unpropitious in high-risk folk, and established ample to elude troubling unessential thirst and mischief to overdiagnosis,” set forth up AmirAli Talasaz, Guardant Outfit Co-Founder and President.