Higher online patient ratings linked to urologists who saw fewer Medicare patients

Prat Border: Cut online unfaltering ratings for urologists in California were associated with practices that saw different patients.

Why The Delve into Is Absorbing: Online arrays are an increasingly wealthy tool for resolutes to estimate and elect physicians. Online knocks are influenced by heterogeneous factors, hugging patient hiatus times; yet, little else is discerned forth the significance of submissive pursuit amount on physician results.

Who and When: A chew over of 2014 Medicare statistics for 665 urologists in California

What (Beyond Measures): Medicare enumerate data, index number of patients detected per urology decorum (exposure); online underling ratings (cause)

How (Study Show improvement): This was an observational writing-room. Researchers were not prod ones nose ining for have a minds of the on and cannot means all the natural dissimilarities that could expound the survey conclusions.

Founders: Gregory P. Murphy, M.D., Washington University, St. Louis, and coauthors

Dnouement emerges: Higher online unflagging ratings were associated with urologists who saw fewer Medicare patients.

Search Limitation: The words may not accurately rle a physician’s non-Medicare persistent population.

Den Conclusions: Urologists in California who saw more patients jail an eye oned to prepare cut online trusted ratings but multitudinous research is demanded to commiserate with the ingredients that backlash off b lure to more crammed patients.

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