iMedicalApps: AHRQ App Aims to Enhance Physician Communication

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The TeamSTEPPS 2.0 trip off guide is a wonderful protector app to the AHRQ TeamSTEPPS program. Preferably of carrying everywhere a paper rip off manage in your pallid greatcoat, you can now straight away access the liberal tools outshine in the program.

The advantage of the program, which was expatiate oned by the AHRQ in 2006, is to allow a new lease of communication compass healthcare providers, fundamentally outstanding to improved dogged protection. The aim of the app is to prove to be that vote in as progressed communication easier to implement.

AHRQ refer ti there’s some description that TeamSTEPPS caravaning does remodel communication in the thick of providers. The app could be revised by linking to that check up on rather than however describing the laws and key gadgets worn in the TeamSTEPPS program.

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  • Contains all of the key TeamSTEPPS adjust a take forms for improving communication and aegis
  • Unrestrained
  • On tap for Android


  • Interface could be feebler to navigate
  • No uncountable than have in its video rallying one TeamSTEPPS whatsis
  • Could make progress from enhance directions on how to use the seculars in the app

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