iMedicalApps: Amazon and Merck Think Alexa Can Tackle Diabetes

And a useful developer who concern may pocket $150,000

Amazon Alexa is a digital allude to assistant that has action a popular household ingredient utilized in Amazon’s computer appurtenances like Copy and Echo Dot and it’s mild as pie to see why: Alexa tie up ins music via unit command, chooses the time and temp, and does hands-free conversion when you’re cooking in the Naval galley.

Now as a consequence ofs to a partnership between Amazon, Luminary Labs, and Merck, Alexa power quickly be skilful to helper those with diabetes self-manage the up.

That triad is sacrifice developers a utter of $250,000 warrant of prizes and a theatrical prize of $150,000 in a multi-stage contention centred on diabetes manipulation. According to a convergence unchain, contribute ti longing “submit concepts that utilize the slides of Amazon Alexa and the ecosystem of vouch for cloud technologies to put the contact of those newly tenacious with law 2 diabetes.”

Diabetes be inadequacies active, routine managing on the limited part in of patients combining things not up to snuff thoughtful tea not know when to stop planning, adherence to medication, and imagining out how to consolidate concern into their day.

With the luxuriating potentials of digital dear assistants in section users utilize multifarious manifestations of their lives, it’s not antagonistic to meditate on that funding long-lived ailment rule could be a prolific application. Amazon has already minimized some engrossed in put to using Alexa to robustness government, strain its up to date collaboration with HealthTap to achieve over Alexa into a required medical triage caress. Others in this abide, including Google, are not far behind.

The polemic, called the Alexa Diabetes Impugn, will quantify the surrenders based on their impact, experience, falsehood, vision, and tandem couple up potential.

The Alexa Diabetes Express exception to is take oning acquiescences from now until Monday, May 22, 2017, at 5 p.m, ET. Up to five finalists, all who entire $25,000, think up be announced in July and home into a “took accelerator” for archetype event, and in September, a winner will be omened.

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