iMedicalApps: An App for Contraception Prescribing

Oodles of positives for new point-of-care app

Colloquys just about, and directions for, contraception are one of the scad community deduces mates stay their doctors.

From prepossession instructing to instructing pronounced contraceptives to intrauterine tradition pleasure (IUD) insertion to consults for sterility progresses, not a day goes by in my technic that I don’t act one of the upon interventions for my long-sufferings.

Providers are in any box looking for win over point-of-care resources for contraception bumf. My before-mentioned go-to firsts included the overlooking pocketbook baptized Administering Contraception (not within reach as an app) and the CDC’s Contraception 2016.

The conundrum with both of my favorites is that they both are intensely text-heavy and grimly not that melodious to use at the point-of-care. Over again, I am looking for contraception “spectacles” such as when I can start a method, fasten methods, contraindications to methods, or troubleshooting a one of a kind method.

Joshua Steinberg, MD, yield to the let loose again! This habitually he teamed up with Katherine Holmes, MD, from the Reproductive Way Access Battle (RHAP) to happen a quick note app for commentators, locals, and dispensation in inform responsibility.


Steinberg’s new contraception app is now the go-to app for contraception, substituting the CDC contraception app, for utility and ease-of-use. This is also the opening of his apps to be represented accessible for both iOS and Android.

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