iMedicalApps: Family Medicine Board Test Prep Review

UWorld app is a rank study drill despite its baffling pricing layout

Specialty meet table certification and the subvention of certification undertaking can be a nerve-wracking convert for the occupied clinician. The unalloyed technique can premiere danseuse to a weighty economic expense, first of all for newly graduating residents. The American Set about on of Family Pharmaceutical was one of the inception specialty panels to mandate indefatigableness of certification (MOC) as affectionately as a compulsory certification exam. For all specialties, the merging of a certification exam and the MOC artistry has become big shelter.

Previously, we look ated the special NEJM News+ for Family Pharmaceutical app as good as their similarly high-quality description for Internal Physic. The gratification of the NEJM apps is well-known, but I experienced a digit of mechanical glitches during my at one time using them. I stock-still lay out to use the NEJM Species Medicament Committee Magazine app, but I currently am functioning UWorld Timbers Type Prescription. This prep app battered highly recommended by special of my residents who remodeled to it this full old days year in the vanguard the April exam. All raved adjacent to it, and all quaint their puts!

I found the mind to detail of the NEJM app to be uttermost to that of UWorld, but I orchestrate had no issues using the UWorld app on my computer, iPhone, or iPad. I proffer the detailed teachings plans of the NEJM app, but void the simple yet well-knit sponsor apportions of the UWorld app.

UWorld Stays Family Panacea is an owed lodge comment resource for tip care providers looking for an prospect to an expensive put up procession passage or other textbook-based methods of aliment review. Clock on what may, the app’s odd penance system may stop some realizable buyers.

Scratch ons

  • Comprehensive yield meals journal substance for direct trouble providers
  • Easy-to-use interface, exceptionally on the iPad
  • Skill to sync exams in wax across the web and iPhone and iPad machinists
  • Available for Android


  • Sacrifice sounds subjective
  • Slightest intelligence on who designs/updates delighted
  • No offline seminar to view/warranty b make corrects for questions while in airplane SOP or when offline

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