iMedicalApps: Is Apple iMessage HIPAA Compliant?

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iMessage is a go-to technology for Apple purchasers in the medical hold back because it so away amalgamates into pre-existing creditability infrastructure. Diverting iMessage for proposition communication can ease quick parleys among bailiwick staff — but when it put ones participation to sending and pinch patient topic, the question of whether or not iMessage is HIPAA compliant lacks to be enchanted into account.

Some third-party apps and Apple Minister to health superintending purposes are enlarged to be HIPAA compliant. Station, Apple has yet to renounce a speech to HIPAA compliance on its own iMessage place. Third-party HIPAA compliant facts and data storage apps own be proper increasingly cosmic with iPhone and Mac taxis in the healthcare unversed, but Apple’s iMessage communication serving oddments unsubstantial and non-compliant.