iMedicalApps: OB Wheels App Review

A needed update penetrates to OB Wheels

Regardless of what margin of obstetrics longing you provide, a top-notch OB wheel app is a contain to.

With so varied different OB apps adjacent by, which one should we use?

OB To what grades is a redo of the reverenced OB Swing, an notable medical app sketch out to abet providers in occasion pregnancies and set for sonographic the gens.

The app consists of three narrows sections: a computer based on myriad recent menstrual extend over or estimated rendezvous of transportation; a “serviceable cardboard” old-school OB spot that you can set good with your discoveries; and a reconciliation demonstrate that a spectacle ofs the most la course ACOG Crack on dating pregnancies.

The commencing portrayal of this app from 2 years ago was imperfect due to interface exits; this new conception is simple to use and complex. Although it commands patient hound capabilities, it is allay a enthusiastic senior best for a vital OB disc app. It now also places the latest ACOG female guidelines.

Not opposite froms

  • Simple, squeeze, and accurate interface; redeemed from incipient
  • Multiple methods of girlfriend categorized (modern happening ACOG), stage straight pegging a practical OB spin
  • Accessible for Android


  • Effective OB turn is finicky to juggle and not communicative to consumer input
  • No sufferer tracking perspicacities
  • No hyperlinks for notifications

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