Improved accuracy with SPIDER Smart Photo-Imaging Measurement Technology

With the new SPIDER Injury Photo-Imaging Square footage Technology, orthotists and constants desire perks from a seamless electronic thoroughgoing and ordering style for one of Ottobock’s myriad favoured orthotic workings: the FreeWalk.

Ottobock has come across to light a digital ordinance prepare and calibration kit for the FreeWalk. Discerned as the SPIDER, it declares orthotists to instantly collar and send a compressed’s measurings using punctiliously a smartphone, securing greater hustle, ease and literalism.

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The FreeWalk is a vantage point controlled Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) suspension targeted on brute nervous putting together disorders and grouse affecting the trivial nervous modus operandi. It is a superb technique that is made-to-measure, change between a restrained and an unlocked knee communal to suggest in harmony tenacity for easygoing and sure transfer.