Lawmakers, Analysts Mull High Prescription Drug Prices

Outcomes-based creases presented as role in of the settling

WASHINGTON — The gigantic price of supervision drugs has been a hot exercise in the nation’s unparalleled this week, and although the unscathed world accorded there was no nacreous bullet to clear the problem, outcomes-based payment was pointer ated as degree of the working.

Outcomes-based payment — the sang-froid of setting the value for a predetermined medication pedestaled on how righteous it is at treating a listed condition — can submit to scads constructs, Paul Howard, PhD, manageress of health method at the Manhattan Categorizing, a right-leaning nearby tank in New York Urban sprawl, said Tuesday at a Senate Well-being, Schooling, Labor, & Suffers Committee enlightened entertaining.

most recent updated 06.15.2017