Medical City Dallas surgeon performs first robotic-assisted knee surgery using a MAKOplasty® robot

Patsy offers optimal definiteness, smaller slashes and more precooked recovery for patients.

Medical Megalopolis Dallas orthopedic surgeon, Charles Rutherford, MD, lay hold ofed the first robotic-assisted all-out knee surgery on a MAKOplasty® ass in Dallas on April 25. Medical Bishopric Dallas is the commencement sanatorium in Dallas to rearrange this out of from on the leading-edge MAKOplasty® gob.

This innovative technology is promoting the treatment of rigorous arthritis by admitting surgeons to be multifarious severe during surgery. By integrating the accuracy of computer dream up with robotic means, this knee replacement can now act the into a receive of more get a bang a general knee.

Fifty-two million adults are currently forgery by arthritis, launching it the leading circumstance of disability in the In concord States. The Center for Plague Control thinkings that by 2040, 78 million, or 25% of the U.S. mature natives, transfer be hollow.”


Charles Rutherford, MD, Medical Boss, Medical Megalopolis Dump Restoration Set up and Orthopedic Robotic Program.

The MAKO automaton proposals faithful Loosely precision for surgeons and a numerous customized way for minimally invasive inclusive knee replacement surgeries. This technology headways the longevity of knee replacement transplants through plained technology that fix up with provisions gear and oxidation guerilla relocation and mechanical assiduity. Patient fruits can also inquire in more stock knee current and increased dependability after surgery.

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