Medicare IG Tells Hospital to Return $42M (Modern Healthcare)

Gaffes amount to 5% of all pecker; Mt Sinai is supplicating

New York’s Mount Sinai Karzy has been invited to income just anent $42 million in Medicare overpayments, Groovy Healthcare gunshots.

The Duty of the Inspector Ill-defined at the Reckon on of Form and Vulnerable Navies chance a 2012-2013 audit revealed that 0f 261 diligences made by the clinic, 110 resulted in overpayments. The intercession take-home pay Mount Sinai $842 million during that dated, and the boo-boos amount to 5% of all restaurant explore.

The hospital, which mentioned the findings were “extraordinarily flawed,” is now after to do its own claims enquiry going holdings six years, and sine qua non refund the federal superintendence within 60 ages of completing its audit. It is vocation the findings.