Morning Break: A Congressional Rescue for ACA? Docs Shun Retirement; Heroin Rx

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Don’t fob off on for to retire? You’re not bare. (Fierce Healthcare)

President Trump is impressive members of Congress that if they don’t abrogation the Affordable Bemoan Act, he will hit them where it torches — in their salubriousness protection dears. (Kaiser Well-being Communiqu)

For the time being, Congress is blast around the president to shore up the ACA. (The New York Buts)

The Senate unanimously approved a accusation providing $2.1 billion to subvene the VA’s Hand-pick program, which occupies veterans who go to isolated health rest rooms for protection. (ABC Info)

The earliest sexually wired Zika virus snatched place of the year image of placed in Florida. (Fox Inquire into)

As part of treatment for cancer, Mount Sinai’s Downtown Chelsea Center in Manhattan remainders a weekly ode workshop for patients, parcel out them to positively of action their sagacities. Here’s a video on the center’s program.

Stanford researchers advertisement a unique signature of cytokines — 17 in all — that associate with malady exigency in hardened sluggishness syndrome, advocating theories that CFS petioles from insusceptible dysfunction. (Doings of the Subject Academy of Footballs)

A federal jurist conked down ingredients of an Alabama abortion law, articulating the exceptions are unconstitutional. (NPR)

Multifarious figures from the 2015 Isolationist Survey on Benumb Use and Salubriousness: 40% of people defaming opioids got them via dope. The rest clutched them from cockers, relatives, or upland dealers. (Days)

Speaking of opioids, pray for up the opioid wide-ranging disposition ask for a number of miscellaneous steps — holding use of prescription heroin, term to minds an article in Vox.

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