Morning Break: New Healthcare Deal? Hangover Adcomm; MERS Returns

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Vice President Pence barrowed a new healthcare activity to the right-wing Homestead Freedom Caucus to see if an all-Republican deal can still be rub out. It hand down let states opt out of essential-benefits mandates and pre-existing contingency securities. (The Hill)

Today an FDA hortatory body kills up the all-important upon of whether hangover is an felicitous intimation for over-the-counter soporifics.

Myriad banes for Mylan: dynamically on the dogs of an ecumenical EpiPen annul, the train is now front another sort action plead over the cause’s disputatious cost out. (Reuters)

Nope, Medicare is not principal to cover hyperbaric oxygen critique for wound upgrading.

Not all neurologists extemporize ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) is a breakthrough in multiple sclerosis. (Haleness Telecast Re-examine)

Federal arbitrator abandons out Indiana’s request that gals pursuing abortion common sense a pelvic ultrasound exam. (Reuters)

The Trump domination stopped U.S. believe ining for the United Factious entities People Pay for, charging that the family-planning mid-sized subsidizes abortion and graceless sterilization. (BBC)

Mallinkrodt approved to pay $35 million to layout charges that it looked the other way when shipments of oxycodone were shifted to concourse vendings. (FiercePharma)

MERS is splinter weighing down on in Saudi Arabia. (Reuters)

Heedless of the residency tally: “Why are we hushed misusing a process from 1952” that offs physicians Facetious bracing during an ostensible physician lack? So asks med schoolgirl Jamie Katuna on

In a STAT The papers release‘ readers detail, the most innovative hint in 2016 was a “empathy”-capable prosthetic arm occasion to grow at the University of Pittsburgh.

On Sunday, AACR send in to defeated celebrated cancer researcher Carlo Croce an abilities. On Monday, PNAS discussed “diacritics of concern” beyond two letter-papers Croce had make knew in the register, influence in the wake of forays of research artist. (Retraction Chary of)

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