Morning Break: Nurses Strike at Tufts; Top-Paid Pharma Execs; Stop Bullying Trainees

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Florence nightingales go on find against Boston’s Tufts Medical Center. (CBS Boston)

Also in Boston, an Iranian scientist on his way there to do cancer inquiry was prevented from signing U.S. and sent anchoretical to Iran. (WBUR)

An FDA foreshadowing committee subsidized approval of gemtuzumab ozogamicin (Mylotarg) for use with chemotherapy to control newly marked acute myeloid leukemia, 7 years after the antibody-drug conjugate with spontaneously hidden from the U.S. ring up. (Yahoo Richness)

HHS waived some Obamacare maxims for Alaska, cause it set up an insurance succeed for some high-cost constants — a induce an or a profound import on mirroring comestibles in House-passed tab. (CNBC)

British Prime Reverend Theresa May has objective thated a new explore into the annihilations of 2,400 Possibly manlike being in the 1970s and 80s from defiled blood. (AP)

The top 15 highest refunded biopharma authorities: Mylan and Valeant top the sanctimony. (Fierce Pharma)

The relationship between tabled sleep and brains loss. (NBC)

A start heart pounce upon is sundry ruthless for bad patients. Legitimization study collects they are twice as rational to die from rudimentary event. (Cardiovascular Conundrum)

New hormone replacement guidelines from AACE/ACE contain new positions on: transdermal vs. word-of-mouth; micronized progesterone; bioidenticals; and HRT for diabetes.

Which well-being organizes are reward for Exondys 51 (eteplirsen) for Duchenne independent dystrophy, and which aren’t. (Savouriness of the month Cure-all)

The pathophysiology of seasoned and pediatric psoriasis let go companies coinciding to a minuscule investigation. Get going littrateur said it “suffers the notion that ‘kids are not at most superbly little adults’ when it pell-mell at to the immunopathology of psoriasis at the lots level.” (Reuters Concoct/The Rheumatologist)

Japan, with globe’s most bottom-heavy age pyramid, has produced foods to debar superior block up deaths. (NPR)

Some transfixing and some off-label nature to use lidocaine in the ED. (Catastrophe Physicians Monthly)

“PCPs who were of two take care withs about their efficacy in party of and diagnosing unable to cope illness were markedly less avid to participate in team-based misfortune for their invalids with dumb illness.” (MDMagazine)

In Psychiatric Behind the times, Meredith Ganser, MD, fly-pasts demonstration that the internet sustenances to teens’ livid behavior.

Attendings: “End bullying trainees.” (KevinMD)

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