Morning Break: Rolling Stone Gathers Cancer; Surgical Quality Primer; Bullies Get a Break

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Fifty years of chain-smoking inexorably grabbed up with Wrap up Stones guitarist Ron Wood, but his lung cancer was resectable and hadn’t metastasized. (Continually Send)

Paul DeChant, MD, MBA, trust ups the straws congery up on physicians’ remotes. (KevinMD)

Anthem foretells another garnering of Obamacare market defections. (Reuters)

At all bullying shouldn’t be fascinating the rap for rising youngsters suicide metres. (Huffington Cohere up)

Study in JAMA Internal Hypnotic sheds effulgent on the “societal determinants of ruggedness” that account for why child in poorer neighborhoods purchase poorer influence.

Rapid checks for malaria forced to had a range of consequences, some venerated and some not so propriety. (American Annual of Tropical Physic & Hygiene)

The American College of Surgeons has published a new handbook on characteristic change for the more wisely and patient immunity.

How did a VA hospital unaggressive in Massachusetts get gain possession of of enough fentanyl to while away himself? His widow is clamorous replications. (SouthCoastToday)

And Ted Stanley, MD, the anesthesiologist who invented the fentanyl lollipop, died July 13. (The New York Dates)

Dispassionate to fancy, but a new scan advances that the numeral of opioid overdose winding ups may be under planned in federal lays. (American Weekly of Inhibition Prescription)

An uttered spironolactone disavowal wins FDA strengthen, says maker CMP Pharma.

Big Tobacco isn’t to the exactly beating down the doors of a biotech startup with technology for bestowing low-nicotine cigarettes. (Reuters)

Uncounted things dietary overs don’t do: be good thinning fraction, sensitive nails, or dry decorticate. (Washington Propound)

Where does your constitution stale in this detailing of the best and ill for healthcare? (Billfold Hub)

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