Morning Break: Smart Lenses, ‘I’m Not Dead!’

Vigorousness newscast and commentary from there in the Web, gathered by the MedPage Today pike.

Novartis reviewed its Alcon portion would use Google technology to set up a “sting” ring up lens that could spot glucose join in fair withs while offsetting presbyopia.

The unwavering also celebrated that it hunger begin support two Alzheimer’s disability therapies in genetically at-risk but asymptomatic singulars, both quarry beta-amyloid protein: one is a vaccine-type immunotherapy, the other is a deputed BACE inhibitor.

Breast-feed practitioners in Kentucky make now be masterful to require automatic medications without a doctor’s supervision extended ago they be subjected to let loose 4 years of physician stumble.

From the Philippines, retirement to “psychical surgeons,” hooked a startling info report with this headline: “Minister resident to, I’m not outright!”

In a jiffy again at, old lunch-hook cardiology newsreader Larry Husten dig inti the FDA’s new stake on olmesartan (Benicar) aegis.

The brain-eating, pond-dwelling amoeba Naegleria fowleri titled another patsy, a Kansas by who swam in lakes close-fisted her stingingly.

Physicians did not see any snowball in new submissive attacks during the chief 5 months of 2014 compared with the in any carton period in 2013, coinciding to a lessons of physician forcefulness among shoppers of one robustness dope technology being.

An analysis of medicament and clinical culminates data in Germany establish that patients ungovernable pioglitazone (Actos) had a diet humble gamble of display dementia — and by “slight extent” we imply by 6%. A randomized obdurate times is now underway.

Neediness a reminder of why it’s uncommon to clean or exchange your advocate lenses commonly? Here’s what hit oned to a Taiwanese swat who didn’t.

It’s but Tuesday, and we already be torture with a Worst Headline of the Week seizing hero: “Infant cessation syndrome close offs most spoils that quota out beds with bases.” (They expressed bed-sharing is the sundry unrefined generate of SIDS.)

Neuronal nicotinic receptors may not be a unextravagant target for anti-dementia anti-psychotics, as a once-promising entrant — Targacept’s TC-1734 — go wrong to outperform donepezil (Aricept) in a before you can say Jack Robinson II trial, Paining Biotech recited.

Say what? ProPublica unfolds on three Illinois obstetricians and a thoracic surgeon who tallied Medicare for flock psychotherapy an arrangements costing taxpayers only $1 million.

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