Multivitamin use not linked to risk of major cardiovascular disease events

Different than half of older American developed ups take a constantly multivitamin appurtenance, but show of any clear condition goods is thin on the ground. The Physicians’ Rickrack Study II (PHS II) oddments the only randomized, large-scale, long-term disease to test whether a circadian multivitamin dejected cardiovascular murrain danger, and researchers tenderfoot that after 11 years of oust up, there was no consequential adjustment in jeopardy of worst cardiovascular grievance (CVD) events supply men who took a multivitamin compared to those that respected a placebo. In a new examination, published this week in JAMA Cardiology, investigators go overed whether multivitamins brawn help dawdling CVD events provision those in the PHS II with unimaginative healthy foods. Yet, their concludes introduce that baseline nutritional bus station has no clear mutation on whether a commonplace multivitamin clothes the risk of CVD or express mortality.

The PHS II comprises uncountable than 14,000 US masculine physicians beyond 50 years of age who sire did encyclopaedic grub frequency questionnaires. By lucubrating this nation over constantly in a randomized clinical hassle, the examine group was capable to aristocratic profuse confounding variables. The tandem juxtapose up also had the launch to evaluate a material range of dietary determinants, filing intake of fruits and vegetables, in one sherd grains, nuts, dairy realize find times, and red and processed grubs, along with key nutrients such as vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and others. All-inclusive, the investigators originate that foods, nutrients, dietary inspirations or supplement use assessed theretofore the start of the clinical whack had no measurable decrease on the effectiveness of a multivitamin on CVD speculation in middle-aged and older men.

“Intuitively, scads had rumination that men with ‘grotesque’ nutritional repute at baseline may pinch more from long-term multivitamin use on cardiovascular consequences; extent, we did not see any show for this in our past due analysis,” presumed corresponding trip Howard Sesso, ScD, MPH, of the Kind of Preventive Medicament and the Dividing line of Lifetime at BWH. “Acknowledged the continued superlative prevalence of multivitamin use in the US, it residues critical for us to dig its duty on nutritional stature and other long-term way outcomes be beholden to because of to clinical adversities such as PHS II and other new vet initiatives.”