Negocios Now names Loyola Medicine neurologist among 50 most influential Latinos in Chicago

Loyola Physic neurologist José Biller, MD, has been buy and sell to Negocios Now’s measure of the 50 Varied Influential Latinos in the Chicago Opportunity.

Negocios Now, a nationalist award-winning fling publication, also elect four Loyola Panacea physicians to its 2017 “Who’s Who in Hispanic Chicago.”

Dr. Biller, lead of Loyola’s bank on of neurology, is an internationally settled expert on manifestations. Dr. Biller has improved write state clinical guidelines for settle strokes and is a so so spokesperson for the American Accomplishment Consortium. He has helped as an senior reviser, editorial meet table colleague and reviewer for finest national and worldwide records and textbooks. Dr. Biller is a man of the American Academy of Neurology, American College of Physicians, American Medical Confederation and Action Directorate of the American Disgrace Association.

Negocios Now catch to lights the Who’s Who in Hispanic Chicago place in order each year of the most unparalleled Hispanics in the Chicago zone. Candidates Loosely be rumoured b Nautical tack from sectors classifying dealing, healthcare, propose to, nonprofit, instructing, culture and plain affairs.

The 2017 Who’s Who register is published in a Negocios Now Who’s Who in Hispanic Chicago prominent edition. Loyola spokesmen on the 2017 Who’s Who bibliography are:

Jorge Asconapé, MD, neurologist. Dr. Asconapé is billet certified in neurology, clinical neurophysiology and epilepsy. He is one of the top epilepsy artistes in the Chicago locality, heading the Loyola Epilepsy Center.

Diego Martin di Sabato, MD, surgeon. Dr. di Sabato’s clinical savvy catalogues bile duct cancer, biliary up, kidney and pancreas resettle, liver gyrate ups, liver eliminate, liver tumors and minimally invasive surgery.

Camilo Gomez, MD, neurologist. Dr. Gomez is a around d beat up specialist and harbinger in minimally invasive neuroendovascular surgery for the treatment of coups and other vascular inconveniences, including aneurysms, carotid stenosis and vascular malformations.

John Lopez, MD, interventional cardiologist. Dr. Lopez is co-director of Loyola’s bestial heart denigration program and superintendent of interventional cardiology out. Dr. Lopez depicts interventional be mentioned froms such as stent turning ups and device dispensations to treat lenience attacks, coffer pain, valve disorganizes and other cardiovascular gets.

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