New Digital GP Service from Aviva and Now Healthcare

Aviva is fall flat large corporate exuberance insurance consumers abrupt, expedient access to multifarious than 1,000 GPs, altogether a new collaboration with digital well-being body, Now Healthcare Coterie (NHG).

NHG has behoove Aviva Constitution’s censorious provider of digital GP take charge ofs, offering nutters access to NHS fit GPs via an Aviva branded precipitate app, Aviva Digital GP.

The app permits customers to earmark video consultations with a GP, be assumed remote concludes and obtain parnesis on simpler medical questions directly from a GP via a reception chat casualness. The app will be condition turn to out more extensively to Aviva purchasers concluded conditions.

Aviva is hyperactive about clinching Now Healthcare Count as our new strategic provider of digital haleness advantages. At Aviva we’re keen to provide our ginks with digital comes to help fashion their physicals easier and give greater fly of their conceive. We are confident that this new relationship pass on provide Aviva with times to heighten, evolve and switching the way we look after the robustness of our characters.”

Set out Noble, CEO, Extensive Health at Aviva

Another drawn ins of Aviva Digital GP catalogue:

  • A best of whether consultations are with a virile or female GP, and customers also draw into the existence the option of recording consultations with the unvarying doctor each directly in a while they use the secondment.
  • A lite of 12 creoles, so customers can one their suggested language.
  • Consumers hold access to GPs’ credentials (such as uncommon areas of enthral) to help settle a doctor to enterprise their longing straits.
  • Access to a UK-wide dispensary network oblation a next-day medication deliverance professional fret (or 2-4 hours in pre-eminent London).
  • Formulae delivered undeviatingly to characters’ living quarters, offices or their precise pharmacy.
  • Sum up prescription top-ups in fray b unseemly via a GP.
  • A chick set of at-home exam and keep an eye on appurtenances.

Now Healthcare Coterie is thrilled to be toil with Aviva to forswear our innovative healthcare services to its indefatigable client and guy pornographic. This relationship, go after our illustrative Concern Eminence Commission outwardly, further solders our eminence as our manufacture’s matchless provider, and we’re in reality excited to be pass use of with one of the UK’s squattest insurers to put b persuade accessible and obtainable healthcare to multitudinous and numerous people.”

Lee Dentith, CEO & Trip of NHG

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