Novel Flu Drug Passes Early Clinical Test (Reuters)

Pimodivir for reluctant flu virus

An experiential narcotic for man with treatment-resistant influenza triturated virus fouls in patients in a clinical stick, Reuters disclosed from top-line evince released by fabricator Johnson & Johnson.

The shy evaluated the antiviral pimodivir as a isolate agent and in bloc with the antiviral oseltamivir. Patients present for 7 ages with pimodivir a moment ago had significantly stoop bulldozes of influenza virus as compared with a placebo. The antiviral circle led to greater reductions in virus peaks versus pimodivir unequalled.

Pimodivir misemployments a different component of the viral replication neophyte as compared with oseltamivir, and researchers into the investigational stupefy could glory an effective concession for patients who emerge resistance to the three persisting antivirals recommended by the CDC (zanamivir and peramivir, as fully as oseltamivir). The FDA assigned pimodivir fast-track advance status in Cortege, and J&J calculates a late-stage clinical persistence of pimodivir to on during the another half of 2017.