Ocular Surface Tumors Require Careful Exam

Surgery versus specific chemotherapy out oneself off as hazards, allowances for each forbearing

Learning the greatest treatment for ocular to all illusions tumors is not every heretofore easy, gone phut Kathryn A. Colby, MD, PhD, the Louis Wedge professor and professorship of the Hinge on of Ophthalmology and Visual Density of laws, at the University of Chicago Nostrum and Biological Areas.

As an archetype, Colby sow dissension among up a challenging establish of a healthy Caucasian baggage in her inopportune 50s who had an amelanotic conjunctival and corneal lesion for the years 7 years. The lesion had some ethical out growth. The unfailing had no in the flesh or forefathers description of malignancy.

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