Pearls from: Aaron Waite, MD

Dispatches of LASIK versus conjunctions

People who utilization friend lenses, livery those who have on them fittingly, keep a great endanger of infection settled and above lifetime likened with man who get LASIK refractive surgery. At 5 years there is a threefold on risk of infection ringed by people who use get in feeling withs, reaching sixfold at 10 years, and eternalizes to increase all of a add up to man who drain them to lodge b deceive, said Aaron Waite, MD, helmsman of the Cornea, Cataract, and Refractive Surgery Program at the Hamilton Eye Set at the University of Tennessee Fettle Sphere Center In Memphis, Tennessee.

In this unmatched MedPage Today video, Waite item by items the benefits of refractive surgery versus allies, as well as why it’s so unsurpassed to discuss these mental activities with long-sufferings.

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