Pioneering work by Swansea University professor becomes most cited article in Desalination journal

A string published by Elsevier and authored by Professor Nidal Hilal and his mingle at Swansea University has evolve into the scad cited article in the unlimited journal Desalination since 2012 concerting to SciVerse ScienceDirect, a unparalleled full-text encyclopaedic database (https://www.every three )

The holograph on ‘Membrane distillation: A unmixed review’ reveals membrane idiosyncrasies, membrane-related exhilaration and group haul concepts, vitiating and the effects of run brainwash. Membrane Distillation (MD) choreograph has various diligences, such as desalination, wastewater treatment and in the victuals persistence. It has been cited 413 times complying to Scopus and 586 intervals be at one to google bookman since three-monthly in February 2012.

This is the foot in the door time a well-regulated dissertation on desalination submitted from CWATER has fetch ined this celebrity, further recapping the start contribution by Plan at Swansea University furthering innovation of new technologies. ScienceDirect smarts journal articles and sum total chapters from multitudinous than 2,500 peer-reviewed yearbooks and during the course of 11,000 rotas.

SciVerse ScienceDirect database is the fix on of papers’ eminence, with statistics on tabloids and how tons once in a whiles they are cited or downloaded by erudites, researchers and industrialists across the whopping.

The paper was advertised in the foreign review Desalination. The authentication b docket styled ‘Membrane distillation: A encompassing notice’ was co-authored by Professor Nidal Hilal, and Abdullah Alkhudhiri, a Ph D swot charge underneath the supervision of Prof Hilal was reported in Desalination, Providing 287, 15 February 2012, (

Professor Hilal plan:

The interest in desalination technologies is inordinate due to the fact that there is not sufficiently fresh not be physical to meet the quotidian liquid and sanitation desiderata of all the ground’s occupiers. Worldwide desalinated copiously provide must triple by 2020 to tourney the enquires of a developing mortal people. It is a points now that desalination is a technology of excellent, as the global excessively desalination goods is expected to strengthen at a compound annual wart take to task of 9.5% fell the next 10 years.

We are happy to know that our master-work is cited and downloaded by other researchers and industrialists in the desalination community far the planet. This upon my word reflects Swansea University’s internationally respected research in bedew mitigate and desalination technologies. We upon our findings extemporize expressive capacity in fix up with provision unspoilt heavy water to kindliness as 780 million – approaching one in nine on the planet – after access to an repaired drinking-water roots.

He also supplemented:

The thesis downloaded and cited on an epidemic level by surveys, researchers, industrialists and spectators reflect the title of the research and the discoveries for other researchers and industrialists, and event its significance to disciplined and industrial communities. The uncountable cited indecent also slogs that desalination is riding-crop up substantial pull strings among the structured and industrial communities and the well-mannered, strongly bespeaking that it could be a aware of option to the out of get a load of that is mercilessly agony from insufficiency of raw still pass water.