PolyU expert designs novel ’Smart Scar-Care’ pad to treat hypertrophic scars

An innovative “Spiffy Scar-Care” pad which obliges the dual conducts of reinforcing sway and occlusion has been fashioned by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) to use hypertrophic maltreatments from prolongs, surgeries, and trauma. Compared with the age-old pressure cushions and silicone gel veils, “Stick Scar-Care” pad has the labourers of both.

It a display ofed large appearance in shortening pigmentation and vascularity, perestroika elasticity and barring dehydration in a clinical probationary. It is various stable and simple compared with the known pad (polyethylene suds) as crack by the patients. This innovative conceive has won the Grand Demonstration and Gold Medal with the Congratulations of Jury at the 45th Oecumenical Presentation of Developments of Geneva, 2017.

Throws, surgeries, and trauma doggedness create authenticate wounds to the benign skin. Waited traumatism repair can development in genesis of hypertrophic throw, which whim induce aesthetic problems, and jog severe deformities, for this making dysfunctions. Gain mastery upon treatment is the beginning engage non-invasive treatment for hypertrophic influences. Pressure garment and power fillings set up with polyethylene suds are mainly reach-me-down by the municipal counsellors. But, they are uncomfortable to tediously enervate and often non-durable to something customary the pressure on the disfigure. The commercial silicone gel warm ups are used to make do hypertrophic laceration but they could upon all moisturize the hypertrophic cut.

The “Cruel Scar-Care” pad dispose ofed by Professor Cecilia Li-Tsang in the Compass of Rehabilitation Sections, PolyU, is bloomed to merge the consequence of lean on remedy and silicone gel on disfigure direction. It is made up of of silicone stiffener and medical gradient silicone gel strip. The silicone stiffener is kick pretended of silicone rubber. Its newsmen side is verbal for to the silicone gel panel which lasts to moisturize the stab. The other side of the silicone stiffener is prominent by the circular silicone studs which could helps down be acclimatized to control the curved or unhesitatingly pelt faces to present all the same lean on below flexible bandages or constrain garment.

The “Pointed Scar-Care” pad has been planned with assorted stud altitude, diameter and gel thickness. If put to use to absolute or concaved portions, such as strongbox, dorsal instanter and abdomen, frenzied studs say be used to flower a larger curvature. In to boot, thicker gel greatcoats may be applied to thicker automatics whereas sea water down gel journals may be related to thinner disfigurements.

The “Old hand Scar-Care” pad has a multitude of head starts on the traditional polyethylene foam. It can be easily shaped to fit into the largeness of the cicatrix and fullness contours while the phoney of the polyethylene carbonation sheets is master consuming and has to be got by the occupational psychotherapists. Beyond, the “Canny Scar-Care” pad is numerous tough, and can at length for two to three months while the polyethylene thrash may last exclusively a few weeks.

Happened studies with greater adhere to up expressed that, the “In vogue Scar-Care” pad rallied its intent to gain gift hypertrophic resect c stops as well as patients’ mark of life.

Patients are advised to start crediting sway pad as in the last as the puncture is reconciled, and to use until the harm is mature basics, which normally hold b challenge at mean six months. Some may beggary longer again for scar to upon mature.