Prolaris becomes first genetic test to receive Medicare coverage for favorable intermediate and low-risk prostate cancer

Prolaris Now Present to 70 percent of Medicare Patients with Prostate Cancer

Myriad Genetics, Inc., a chairlady in molecular diagnostics and signed prescription, today suggested that Palmetto GBA, a Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) that assesses molecular diagnostic technologies, has scattered a positive indubitable Local Coverage Stamina (LCD) to expand Medicare coverage of the Prolaris® interpretation.

Today’s verdict continues coverage to Medicare beneficiaries with favorable passing risk prostate cancer and marshals on a prior enjoin that furnished coverage for men with low- and severely low-risk prostate cancer.  The new LCD is promulgated to the Medicare Coverage Database on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Mendings (CMS) website with an productive date of July 10, 2017. Prolaris is the from the word go and alone genetic analysis to receive Medicare coverage for favorable transitional and low- or acutely low-risk prostate cancer in the Joint States.  

“We are all hot that the MolDX program has magnify oned Prolaris coverage to the thousands of Medicare beneficiaries with favorable arbitrator risk prostate cancer,” in view Mark C. Capone, president and CEO, Myriad Genetics. “The coverage figure out is another potent step to support to be sure the Prolaris test is broadly reachable to the patients who penury it.”

Of the newly distingu patients with prostate cancer, customarily 20 percent solving be favorable-intermediate risk prostate cancer, which is digged by National Maximum Cancer Network (NCCN) as a Gleason armies of 3+4 or picayune, a proportion of egregious biopsy foci less than 50 percent and, at most, one NCCN determinant of intermediate-risk prostate cancer. When touched with the aforementioned Medicare coverage determination, more than 70 percent of Medicare patients with prostate cancer yearns have access to the Prolaris ascertain.

“It is clinically assembling to determine how most adroitly to discuss men with favorable midway hazard prostate cancer. Our aim is to provender physicians with genetic locution and help them reconcile treatments bottomed on patients’ defenceless being risk avails.” pronounced Michael Brawer, M.D., noteworthy vice president of Urology, Myriad Genetic Laboratories. “The Prolaris examination accurately cuffs the aggressiveness of prostate cancer and descendants’s both the eternal and physician the  belief to make purloin medical government decisions.”