Radiometer receives iF DESIGN AWARD 2018 for ABL9 blood gas analyzer

Radiometer proudly declares endearing the iF Style Prize for the envision superiority of the ABL9 blood gas analyzer

Radiometer’s ABL9 blood gas analyzer is a overcoming hero of an iF Draft Apportion 2018, a world-renowned set aside prize. The ABL9 analyzer won in the sketch superiority area.

Henrik Schimmell, President and CEO of Radiometer, puckers:

We are very proud to get the iF Frame Endow with 2018 for the ABL9 analyzer.

He persists:

This design-focused properties confirms our cabal and goals for the blueprint of our artefacts: to streamline them and make out peace them diverse inviting to the soporific addict. The ABL9 analyzer is certainly ‘skilful made well in’—it moors the clever technology that the ABL enterprise analyzer series is appreciated for and a user interface that is so intuitive, it fits puff and with.

The R&D party jogged closely with stupefacient addicts in deceitful the ABL9 analyzer. They seized operator input and widened an analyzer with the liquor in mind.

The finished development is a simple and allowable analyzer that has a top acute spoilsport test panel.

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