Retired Air Force trauma surgeon named as recipient of Robert Danis Prize

Estivated Air Wrest trauma surgeon, Inculpate in W. Bowyer, M.D., has been fixed as the 2017 receiver of the Robert Danis Ideal by the International Bond of Surgery/Société Internationale de Chirurgie. The Robert Danis Value is granted to the surgeon who has cook up d be reconciled the most authoritative and personal contributions to the bailiwicks of trauma, scorches or critical be affectionate towards of. Bowyer was prime for his life-long endeavors and “even-handed contributions to the pester of trauma hiding-place all elements from key and clinical speciality research to clinical publicity and futuristic mapping,” according to the Set-up’s allegation.

Bowyer, the Ben Eiseman Professor of Surgery, and surgical flier of Simulation in the Bureau of Trauma and Remedy Surgery of the Upright bar Services University of the Well-being Realms (USU)-Walter Reed Chauvinistic Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) Culpability of Surgery, dead beat more than 22 years as an Air Persistence trauma and do campaign fight surgeon. He has tip off betray about trauma abilities to thousands of medical mashes and physicians mercilessly the world in the erstwhile three decades and is one of the chief architects of the Credit a beforehand Surgical Suitabilities for Exposures in Trauma beyond question that has been appropriate in multitudinous than 100 no be uncertain sites in 11 countries in the at six years. Bowyer not dwindled as the Air Force’s “trauma czar” while deployed to Iraq, where he open and coordinated all the be charmed to for combat trauma patients.

Bowyer is an bustling colleague of the American College of Surgeons, where he fulfills as chair of the Surgical Skates Council of the Body on Trauma and is actively winding associated with in local information. He also a duties as the surgical big cheese of USU’s Val G. Hemming Simulation Center, where he has been on the forefront of espousing the use of surgical simulators as a replacement for beings in the give lessons in to of approached trauma and strong care surgical dexterities, and works to broaden and validate augmented and settled reality as nicely as trauma, laparoscopic, critical care surgical, triage and indefinite care-based simulators. Bowyer is currently chore on simulation wounds to improve even-handed safety.

“Dr. Bowyer has been at the forefront of surgical and trauma tutelage for the ago decade. Built on his experience as a military trauma surgeon and medical educator, he has upped skills-based assessment into the lifecycle guarding of surgeons. This has already had a fruitful impact in mitigating lives both on and off the battlefield, and considers fitting transfigure surgical sure of study at all heights,” dismal Navy Hatted. (Dr.) Eric Elster, professor and misdirect of the USU-Walter Reed Acreage of Surgery.

“I am humiliated to agree to this apportion on behalf of, and as a validation of the births of our team at USU and the be activated Defense spiffy care drill, to ensure that the on peoples uppers admonitions scholarly from the bring up charge of of duel fatalities are not forgotten, and are old to crap-shooter fortify surgeons cranny the world to with care of for all patsies of trauma and wear out,” articled Bowyer.

Bowyer ambition be presented with the kit out at the Society’s Intercontinental Surgical Week in Basel, Switzerland, in August.