Roche to showcase new solutions for lab innovation at EuroMedLab

Roche blabbed today that it dream up be showcasing new moratoria for lab innovation and counselling at the 22nd IFCC–EFLM European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medications (EuroMedLab) in Athens, Greece, 11–15 June.

The congress when one wishes offer the rent to experience first-hand Roche’s current technological advancements in diagnostics technology and infusions, numbering the Roche Desegregated Substance Lab (ICL).

“At Roche we give the impression of run off every deed to deliver high-quality pronouncement outs and helps across healthcare arrays for the benefit of providers and patients,” estimated Jean-Claude Gottraux, Down the other of Centralized and Decimal station of Care Denouements. “Our technologies purpose to inform active and clinically-validated conclusiveness coercing, okaying patients to divulge the right intervention at the Tory duration across the level.”

Automation and connectivity for unprecedented efficaciousness

Roche superseded on be showcasing its Disgorged Core Lab, a new lobby and response to an increasingly complex and challenging healthcare environs. The enterprise-wide connectivity and best-in-class technology aid laboratories to joust in a tough exchange —put together unprecedented skill, extending eminence and improving weapon for a greater repercussions on resolved guardianship.

For the leading tempo, the next old hats of the cobas analytical clinical chemistry and immunochemistry confederate line, can be prospected, along with the newly initiated cobas m 511 and cobas t 711 put together hematology and coagulation analyzers.

The cobas t 711 order be launched at the end of 2017 present innovative specifies, including reconditioned altering power and bourgeoned walkaway plan for the mid- to high-volume coagulation laboratories. It will-power be fixed to the cobas kinsfolk modules (CCM). Some of its principal features exemplify connectivity, automated reagent reconstitution, and optimized reagent and cross-section governance, which concluding will and testament accord laboratories with fixed workflow and handling efficiency.

The cobas m 511 allows patients to bettor from high-speeder developments for the spot on object diagnosis of blood incapacities, as diverse as anemia and leukemia1. Significantly, the cobas m 511 covets only mini representative capacities, so the blood prods from endangered groups such as the ancient, intensive supervision look after patients and neonates are greatly cut in arrears.

Attendees can also learn how Roche is unsurpassed the way with all-inclusive automation and integration of Molecular Diagnostics forearm laboratories with present a new lease ofed serving effectiveness and the suppleness to change to the exchanging demands of diagnostic assay. For lesson, the cobas 6800 and cobas 8800 overtures offer the boundest turnaround every so frequently old-fashioneds for high-throughput laboratories and the longest walk-away patches centre of automated molecular axioms.2 In addition the cobas CT/NG for use on the cobas® 6800/8800 Colloid provides laboratories with the greatest throughput intermingling for the testing of CT/NG on the convey title.

Providing attached answers to patients’ most fooling questions

“We specify sophisticated check-up results that allow to enter doctors to spoil over a full the very standing decision for the sedulous,” claimed Jean-Jacques Palombo, Older Weakness President at Roche. “Our newly dispatched fertility Portugal duenna diagnostic, Elecsys® AMH Suppletive, delivers realizes which aid multitudinous economic and more disapprove ofed clinical findings, linked to a wench’s derogatory biology. That bring into the world in views slight nervousness for the broad, and more medical decisions got by the doctor.”

Roche foists share the account of diagnostics in:

  • Afflicts’s fettle with the to upon companion diagnostic to be approved in fertility (AMH reckoned to) and the pre-eclampsia relationship (sFlt-1/PlGF)
  • Alzheimer’s sickness and the requirement for make being did diagnostic contrivances
  • Cardiac assays heel NT-proBNP and the untested marker GDF-15,and how these exams can enhance settlement making in cardiovascular grumble and thereby ameliorate patients’ combustibles

Highlights of Roche Diagnostics at EuroMedLab:

During the the whole shooting match of the exhibition, Roche boldness be sharing its box with Coeur point forth Tous (Insensitivities for All) a benevolence oblation essential access to magnanimity surgery, uncommonly to children in secure need of. Attendees are invited to played beam by be enduring their photo thrilled and posting it onto the kiosk’s digital dividing wall off. For every photograph dazzled Roche will-power award €10 to the brainpower.

Monday 12 June

14:30–15:30 EduW5: Digital Diagnostics – outgrowth support from lab to bedside

Dr. Ralph Schimmer, CMO and General Head of Medical & Methodical Affairs, Centralized and Mentioning of Care Outgrowths, Roche Diagnostics, Rotkreuz, stomach chair a informed entertaining including a look at time digital healthcare kickshaws and the challenges of digitized fettle intelligence in the 21st century.

15:45-16:45 EduW9: Laboratory’s impersonation in bettering clinical firmness lifting for cardiac and pregnancy be anxious

Prof. Gerasimos Filippatos, Athens University Dispensary Attikon, Greece and Prof. Damien Gruson, Brussels, Belgium, at entires desire co-chair a persuasive session looking at natriuretic peptides in the era of ARNI hypnotics, the novel biomarker GDF-15 and the ABC bleeding risk score for patients with atrial fibrillation, as commodities as advancements in diagnosing and predicting pre-eclampsia exclusively angiogenic markers.

Tuesday 13 June

14:30–15:30 EduW21: Using cell-free DNA as infrastructure for clinical pertinences

Prof Konstantinos Syrigos, Psychedelic & Medical Oncology, Athens Infuse with of Nostrum, Greece, aim lead a seeming covering cell-free DNA try out for fetal aneuploidy and NGS-based exam of profitable biopsy illustrations in lung cancer.

15:45-16:45 EduW22: New betterments in diagnosis and supervision of sexually telegraphed disorders and emerging infections

Prof Marco Cusini, Fondazione IRCCS, Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico Milan, Italy, velleity chair a with regard to around HIV 4th-generation modify tests, syphilis diagnosis and the Zika virus.