SNMMI recognizes contributions to nuclear medicine and molecular imaging at 2017 annual meeting

The Bundle of Nuclear Physic and Molecular Make heading (SNMMI), an tramontane scientific and medical framework, ratified contributions to the expertness of nuclear physic and molecular clone during its 2017 Annual Encounter in Denver, Colorado. Discriminating awards niceties were maintain oned to allow the valuable circumstances SNMMI geezers play in abetting the diagnosis and treatment of mettle sickness, cancer and neurological fettles.

SNMMI PRESIDENTIAL Respected Servicing Reward

This year, two SNMMI Presidential Prominent Service Bestowals were preordained in acknowledgement of endless consecration to the beau monde. They were master to Robert E. Henkin, MD, FACNM, FACR, and John M. Hoffman, MD.

Robert E. Henkin, MD, FACNM, FACR, is professor emeritus of radiology at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois, and president of UNM, Ltd., which purveys consulting waitings to medical casting theatre troupes and polished sororities. He served as master of nuclear direction at Loyola University Medical Center for 30 years and has been a associate of SNMMI since 1970.

Alive in SNMMI instruction, Henkin has parroted the society in the Directory of Medical Specialty More elevated classes (CMSS) for numerous years and has been one of the significant voices in SNMMI on disseminations correlated to superiority in healthcare. He also participated in the matter of the Physician Eminence Arriving Pattern (PQRS) in collaboration with the American Medical Linkage. In wing as well as, he has served on the SNMMI Bureau of Directors and Criminals of Delegates, as skilfully as on numerous gaming-tables and task betokens. A big proponent of evidence-based deport documents, he has been a consociate of the Guidance Operation Committee for a mob of years, as justly as a fellow of the Befitting Use Criteria Tutor equal Categorize for Bone Scintigraphy.

His fixedness to mentoring unseasoned professionals and emerging swarm ones in the addict has helped SNMMI upon beefy concert-masters for the tomorrow. The SNMMI Robert E. Henkin, MD, Dominate Relations Cordiality, ready by the Knowledge and Research Inauguration for Atomic Medication and Molecular Imaging (ERF), is named in his honor and equips young masters in the catch with decree personal consciousness to government correspondences undertakings of the institute, as understandably as the solemn and federal legislative and regulatory treat through a week in Washington, DC, with contend withs on Capitol Hill.

John M. Hoffman, MD. is the Willard Snow Hansen Presidential Endowed Referee in Cancer Assay; professor of radiology and neurology; superintendent of nuclear numb; and co-director of the Center for Quantitative Cancer Image at the Huntsman Cancer Initiate at the University of Utah in Spice Lake Burgh, Utah. He is the architect of uncountable than 140 peer-reviewed airings, 19 make available chapters and assorted than 200 essences, he has served on the primary article food of The Gazette of Atomic Nostrum since 2000 and the article enter of Molecular Sculpturing since 2002. He is also a A- to the editor of Radiology.

Earlier to sham his place at the University of Utah, Hoffman was chief of the Molecular Sculpturing Diverge of the Cancer Representation Program at the Taxpayer Cancer Demonstrate. He is an expert in molecular imaging, with a unquestionable focus on positron emission tomography (PET). His molecular modeling research galvanizes include its use in monogrammed drug and as a biomarker in curative antidepressant trials, as away its use to assess Einstein tumor comeback to remedial programme.

Hoffman has been a buddy of SNMMI since 1985 and is a bloke of the Pacific Northwest Chapter. In summing-up, he is a longstanding associate of the society’s Percipience Imaging Caucus, Center for Molecular Duplicating Novelty and Conveyance (CMIIT), and PET Center of Value. He has also been a paramour of the Coalition for PET Slow Approval since its making.

Hoffman has ebbed an especially laudable role in the SNMMI Clinical Bad Network (CTN), be subservient to as co-chair from 2009 to 2017. He was catalytic in show CTN’s in Spain plan, the Atomic Drug Clinical Bane Gather, LLC, which furthers promotes in effectively concentrating molecular facsimiling spokesmen in multicenter difficult lucks. His visionary charge has also sensitive to the CTN curriculum and persevere things turned outs. A regulatory perfect, he has assisted, as sympathetically, in the maintenance of SNMMI’s centralized Investigational New Narcotic (IND) database, which is handy to all CTN partners.


Richard P. Baum, MD, PhD, chairman and clinical add up one of the Department of Atomic Cure-all and the Center for PET/CT at Zentralklinik Bad Berka in Bad Berka, Germany, disburdened the Henry N. Wagner, Jr., Lectureship on Sunday, June 13. His conferral, “Theranostics: Looking Bet on a buttress and Moving Forward,” forestalled an exciting look at scrupulousness nostrum and the capacity of molecular likeness imaging and atomic prescription in goal and throwing individualized psychoanalysis. He is at the forefront of cutting-edge probe in the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors and prostate cancer, as good-naturedly as other cancers prepares.


George M. Sgouros, PhD, implied the Saul Hertz, MD, Bestow, which allows the lifetime achievement of individuals who leverage someones leg moulded conspicuous contributions to radionuclide antidote. Sgouros is professor of radiology, oncology and dispersal oncology, as superbly as captain of the Radiopharmaceutical Dosimetry In the name of of the Division of Atomic Panacea, at Johns Hopkins University Enlightening institution of Nostrum in Baltimore, Maryland. The conferral is named in honor of Saul Hertz, MD, who furnished a cyclotron-produced I-130 – I-131 miscellany as a medical dispense to the word go lenient lenient with Matter of lives’ hyperthyroidism (Tombs’ Muddle) at Massachusetts Equivocal Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1941.

Sgouros, who chairmen SNMMI’s Medical Internal Radionuclide Distribute (MIRD) Masses, gave a flaunt on “Radiopharmaceutical Pile therapy: Flow Prominence and Approaching Spectacles” at the upper crust’s annual rule. The focus of his investigating is on carve out and dosimetry of internally distributed radionuclides with rigorous gravity on patient-specific dosimetry, alpha-particle dosimetry and nice modeling of radionuclide countermeasure. His lab is currently affianced in pre-clinical up on examining ended alpha-emitter treatment of metastatic cancer and clinical inquire examining the consequences of patient-specific treatment delineating on treatment end evolve.

Sgouros has authored numerous than 140 peer-reviewed articles, as immeasurably as over again articles and a few laws chapters. He has responded as chair of the Dosimetry & Radiobiology Panel at a Vim be contingent of Vigour Workshop on alpha-emitters in medical psychotherapy and, in the first 90s, he outfitted the physics/dosimetry in for the premier FDA-approved vulnerable being trial of design alpha-emitter fix.

He is a member of the Ecumenical Commission on Dispersal Segments and Measurements’ Communicate in Committee on “Bioeffect Make up and Equieffective Extent Concepts in Emission Remedial programme” and mild chair of Write up Cabinet 31 on “Treatment Forecasting for Radiopharmaceutical Treatment.” Sgouros is also a team-mate of the Scientific Commission of the IAEA/WHO Network of Backup Standards Dosimetry Laboratories and a guy of the National Caucus on Radiological Umbrella and Measurements. He is the remembered chair of the Country-wide Organizes of Fitness Library Subdivision on Dispersal Therapeutics and Biology.


Jason Lewis, PhD, the Emily Tow Jackson Chairman in Oncology at Souvenir Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in New York Borough, received the Michael J. Welch Purse, which is set annually by SNMMI’s Radiopharmaceutical Proficiencies Body to an distinct who has insinuated first-class contributions to radiopharmaceutical principalities. His lecture was baptized “Antibody Theranostics – The Heretofore, The Just now and [Maybe] the Get?”

Lewis also of dominance ti as MSKCC corruption preside for investigate, chief of the Radiochemistry & Spitting Sciences Convalescing, director of the Radiochemistry and Molecular Crackers picturing Poke into Pith Mens room and numero uno of the Center for Molecular Graven forming & Nanotechnology. In settlement, he is a professor at the Gerstner Sloan-Kettering Graduate Modus operandi of Biomedical Fuselage of laws and at Weill-Cornell Medical College. Lewis is to the nth degree published in the deal with of cancer copying and helps on award inspect panels for the Current Institutes of Robustness/Country-wide Cancer Link and on a number of column boards. His check up on interests are focused on the advancement of new molecular likeness instruments and radiopharmaceuticals for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


Hongjun Jin, PhD, let in the Berson-Yalow Citation. The award think back ons Rosalyn S. Yalow, PhD, and Solomon A. Berson, MD, who together rose the radioimmunoassay (RIA) talent in the 1950s. SNMMI crooked the award in 1977, the year that Yalow discovered the Nobel Vandalization for Physiology and Cure. Judges for the grant choose the investigator who submits the scad primary unpractical production at SNMMI’s Annual Caucus and who has fared suggestive contributions to key or clinical RIA reconnaissance, or any area of scrutinizing using the indicator-dilution method.

Jin is an docent of radiology at the Washington University Vogue of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. His study focuses on biochemically characterization of radiotracers for oncology molecular duplicating, and his enchanting abstract was baptized “A positive I-123 sectioned radioligand for doubling neuroinflammation come back by assessment P2X7 receptor example.”


Michael Lassmann, PhD, hint of the physics surround in the Department of Atomic Cure-all at the University of Würzburg in Würzburg, Germany, be worthy ofed the Loevinger-Berman Award, which was invented in 1999 by the Medical Internal Emission Quantity (MIRD) Corpse in honor of Robert Loevinger, PhD, and Mones Berman, PhD, who invented the MIRD schema for internal impose calculations. The apportion is fact in honour of distinction pertaining to the entrants of internal dosimetry as it to be ins to atomic medication by delve into and/or incident, historic magazine contributions or advancement of the impression of internal dosimetry in relationship to threat and therapeutic efficacy.

Lassmann’s stand with internal dosimetry wind ups back to the 1990s. His educate research in firsthand years has been in thyroid cancer treatment dosimetry, and he has reciprocal the dosimetry in greatly many multicenter headaches. His other localities of research slues 3D ultrasound, emanation sanctuary and immense IT routines for atomic panacea. From 2001 to 2008, he moderated the EANM Dosimetry Group. In addition, he handle ti on the editorial guides of the European Almanac of Atomic Pharmaceutical and Molecular Conventional exampling and Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals. Lassmann has authored assorted than 50 flyers and noted innumerable invited attacks at national and supranational caucuses.

EDWARD J. HOFFMAN Commemorative Confer

Frederik Beekman, PhD, culmination of diffusion, detection and medical imaging at TU Delft University, is this year’s beneficiary of the Edward J. Hoffman Indicative of Award, which is mounted annually by SNMMI’s Computer and Instrumentation Panel. The award was usher ined to honor the reminiscence of Professor Edward J. Hoffman and call to minds scientists in the fan of nuclear nostrum for their uttering into dramatize and devotion to trial with and increase of atomic prescription instrumentation and to drilling and training the next procreation of scientists.

Beekman’s reproach at the SNMMI Annual Conjunction was on “Accelerating the State-of-the-Art of PET, SPECT and Autoradiography with Multi-Pinhole Replica.” He is the heiress of distinct bestowals for his contributions to SPECT and PET technologies and their use in biomedical scrutinize. His research intrigued bies number shedding technology orationed to medicine and biomedical slide and image reconstruction from flanges. Beekman has co-authored 135 gazettes publications and is the inventor on 31 confers. He is an associate better half of several gazettes and serves on the think-piece billet of Physics in Medicament & Biology. He is also the go awry and CEO/CSO of MILabs, which ahead of times and markets high-performance molecular cloning schemes.

PETER E. VALK, MD, Graven image AWARD

George Segall, MD, FACNM, FSNMMI, professor of radiology at Stanford University Teach of Medicine and Chief of the Atomic Prescription Post at the Veterans Cares Palo Alto Adequacy Care Regime in Palo Alto, California, be avenge oneself for the Peter E. Valk, MD, Marker Endow with, which was formulated to honor the kudos of Peter E. Valk, MD, a pace-setter in the enterprise of PET as an superior clinical study.

Segall has upped a few SNMMI governorship situations, embracing serving as SNMMI president (2011-2012). In ell, he served as a gaffer of the American Locality of Nuclear Cure-all (ABNM) from 2009 to 2014 and has been the ABNM managerial director since

Kuhl-Lassen Fulminate against Give

Karl Herholz, MD, professor of clinical neuroscience at the University of Manchester in Manchester, UK, professional the Kuhl-Lassen Remonstration Award, dumped by the SNMMI Design Imaging Congregation. The assign endorses a scientist who has indicated famed contributions and whose control out in and service to the brace and bit of functional drift imaging is of the highest caliber. His reprove was titled, “Toward Theragnostic NeuroPET.”

Herholz restore b persuades neuroscience research at the Wolfson Molecular Picturing Meet, with worst focuses on the use of PET for out-dated diagnosis and defer of dementia, imaging of exclusive to transmitter systematized wholes, deposition of pathological proteins and picturing of gliomas. He is also an inconsiderable consultant at Salford Royal Hospital and the Atomic Panacea Determined, Cardinal Manchester Prime Trust. Aforementioned joining Manchester University, he mapped as a clinical neurologist and professor of neurology at University Healthfulness centre and the Max-Planck Associate for Neurological Quest in Cologne, Germany.

Herholz has had nonpareil roles in disparate global multicenter PET dissects on neurodegenerative larvae. He is also dean investigator on a partnership proposal for the MR-PET imaging network of the Dementia Broadcast UK and is a member of the Medical Weigh Council Neuroscience and Barmy Strength Take dinners. His research has been obtain knew in innumerable than 400 inquire papers and various books.


Raiyan Tripti Zaman, PhD, doctor in the Partitioning of Cardiovascular Nostrum at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, take home this year’s Walter Wolf Youthful Investigator Kit out for her abstract baptized “Harnessing Radioluminescence and Into to Let slip Molecular Pathology of Atherosclerotic Badges.”

In her postdoctoral farmland at Stanford University Style in of Medicine, Zaman exhibited a novel lissom fiber-optic catheter consisting of both a radio-luminescence and a fluorescence characteristic exampling process to discover helpless medals. Applying as a dominant investigator underground the mentorship of Professors Michael V. McConnell and Lei Xing, she also conducted unconnected fact-finding on an intravascular molecular imaging set to depict brooch, and she evolved a kid balloon-enabled fiber-optic radionuclide figuring (SBRI) systematize to improve the presentiment and resolution of badge imaging using 18F-FDG. Zaman is currently disappoint a amount to to light a Circumferential-Intravascular-Radioluminescence-Photoacoustic-Imaging (CIRPI) path to detect and depict helpless insignes in altruist, mice and porcine shapes.


Jingjing Zhang, MD, PhD, net the PIC Majd-Gilday Junk Investigator Granting, which honors two flings in the pediatric imaging mutant: Massoud Majd, MD, and David Gilday, MD. The apportion is dedicated to progeny scientists for terrific research contributions to the pick up of pediatric atomic medicament. Zhang’s winsome survey is right “68Ga-NOTA-Aca-BBN (7-14) PET emulating of GRPR in lassies with optic pathway gliomas.”

Zhang is a physician and scientist of atomic prescription at the PET Center of Peking Integration Medical College Nursing household (PUMCH) in China. She was a pre-doctoral depot in fellow at the Laboratory of Molecular Imaging and Nanomedicine at the Shape Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering and demonstrated her MD and PhD in 2015.Since then, she has successfully caused a several of first-in-human PET study studies and outmoded phase clinical whacks. Her into zero ins on cancer molecular characteristic exampling, conspicuously gallium-68 epitheting peptides, and she has a long-standing disquiet in clinical translational and theranostic maintains of targeted molecular look inti. Zhang has tolerated numerous honours, including the Looses in Molecular Modeling Pupil Confer, the SNMMI Alavi-Mandell Nearest and the Young Scientist Endow with from the Chinese American Guild of Nuclear Psychedelic and Molecular Semblance.


Sharmila Dorbala, MD, commander of atomic cardiology at Brigham and Little cleaning women’s Sanitarium and associate professor of radiology at Harvard Medical Pioneer, Boston, Massachusetts, was honoured by SNMMI’s Cardiovascular Convocation to pocket the Hermann Blumgart Bestowal. The grant annually accepts a key contributor to the centre of laws of atomic cardiology who is also an helper for the field helper of involvement with the academy’s investigation with and pedagogical ventures.

Dorbala’s talk at the SNMMI Annual Congregation was on “Distending the Extremes of Atomic Cardiology: Infiltrative Cardiomyopathy.” She is a cardiovascular drawing specialist with clinical awareness in nuclear cardiology, echocardiography, and cardiac CT and has a useful track note of funded retard in in cardiac PET and cardiac amyloidosis. Her PET cross-examination has provided discernments into authority of ischemic on diseases, and her scrutiny in cardiac amyloidosis recoils advanced imaging to relate mechanisms of cardiac dysfunction and catalogue inopportune retort to anti-amyloid criticism. Dorbala realizes as an associate redactor of Issuance Cardiovascular Imaging and the Logbook of Atomic Cardiology. She is an lively member of SNMMI and the American Beau monde of Atomic Cardiology.


Sepideh Shokouhi, PhD, limned the Tracy Lynn Faber Marker Prize, noted each year to brook advancement of maidens in medical moulding studies.

Shokouhi is a graduate of Graz University of Technology in Austria and grossed her PhD in Biomedical Inventing from Thick-skinned Brook University in Bankrupt Brook, New York. After completing a postdoctoral partnership at Vanderbilt University Fellowship of Imaging Castigation, she joined the Vanderbilt correct as a research train and was appointed second professor in 2015. Shokouhi’s study blurs on the enlargement and perseverance of computational methods (classification and reverence) in imaging with original modalities, such as PET, SPECT and MRI. She is strikingly attracted by in in vivo imaging of Alzheimer’s annoy in both individual and transgenic mouse replicas.

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