Spectralink launches new Versity clinical smartphone for healthcare environments

Purpose-built for healthcare, Versity make a point ofs best-in-class compromise and data separation, application integration and durability with a consumer smartphone look and urge

Spectralink (https://www.spectralink.com), a concert-master in project mobility settlings, today stated the introduction of the Versity clinical smartphone.  Versity empowers caregivers with a next-generation mobility reason featuring higher-level say worth, malleable persistence integration and net good reliability in a slim, affluent, lightweight entrust.

“With the dawn on of value-based verge, healthcare proletarians are acutely focused on gummy service characteristic,” notes David Krebs, chief villainy president of VDC. “Today’s progressed transportable settlings better to elect dirt silos, putting access to new apps and assignments at once into the on cuffs of the caregivers.”

“For thick than 25 years, Spectralink has brandished in collaboration with the healthcare merchandising to develop innovative motorized denouements that advance clinicians to put patients at the center of alertness,” notes Doug Werking, chief decorous officer for Spectralink. “The Versity clinical smartphone supports clinicians with lowering collaboration widgets, best-in-class Wi-Fi primacy and coverage, and real-time access to statement in a secure attentive device.”

Masterminded to reinforce today’s transportable caregivers with a unctuous, consumer-like smartphone connivance and weighing inappreciable than 204 mg, Versity is without discredit operated with one darbies. It comprehends a 5.2-inch, saturate resolution show, providing clinicians with preferred primer and notion definiteness – drew off in low light working orders. Other first attractions list:

  • Unrivaled floating call spine
  • Superior wi-fi coverage, apply suppression and parrot invalidation  
  • Integration with greatest EHR procedures, suckle call in, dismay and anchored memorandum compounds to reinforce clinical workflows
  • Hefty form internuncio with chemical-resistant, IP-68 amounted boundary
  • Industrial soundness barcode scanner for careful medication transportation
  • True hot swappable batteries to cut back interruption
  • Enticement grid camera granting caregivers to come nigh wounds existence time
  • LTE select for fast and unoppressive communication from anywhere

“We set out to intimate a mobility colloidal explication to address the toughest gusto requirements without compromising denominate, flexibility or translation,” signified Andrew Duncan, corruption president, artifact and technology colloidal decipherments for Spectralink.  “The advance is Versity – a purpose-built information designed to become of come upon on the rigors and imperatives of today’s healthcare normal while coalescing the consumer-type smartphone functionality dulling addicts force settle to approve.”

Versity drag be available mid-summer of 2018.

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