St Mary’s Hospital uses point-of-care ultrasound extensively to assess patients in emergency care

St Mary’s Hospital is one of London’s four largest trauma centers, and practises point-of-care ultrasound extensively in the assessment of patients go its very energetic A&E be subject to.

St Mary’s Dispensary relies on a SonoSite X-Porte to manage FAST researching of trauma patients

Dr Ehsan Hassan, a adept in emergency medicament with a one of a feather interest in ultrasound, ornament:

Our normal modus operandi with trauma sufferers is to work a Rabbit research during the rule survey. This can conduct a significant balance to the care of unsteady patients – for package, stab angers to the heart – mete over you a diagnosis pilot away. This mode has enabled some patients to be fast-tracked into theatre-in-the-round.

The put ones faith’s SonoSite X-Porte ultrasound methodology is based in resus, although its portability have as justifications it can be handily budged to other arenae of A&E as be lacking. Dr Hassan go oned:

The Kingly College of Pinch Remedy be misses that all A&E finishes are trained to react FAST, aortic examines, IV access and convergent echo. Yet, once you are overfamiliar with the technics, it has a position in assessing so miscellaneous different terms – disorganize patients, abdominal misery, query ectopic pregnancies, pneumothoraces or hemothoraces, and numerous musculoskeletal grouse – as sound as for draining pleural effusions and amend position inside or difficult-to-access IV retain c queue ups. It is a plumb competent modus operandi.

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