UIH and RaySearch enter into new partnership

Shanghai Split Imaging Healthcare Co. Ltd. (UIH) and RaySearch Laboratories AB (publ) (RaySearch) suffer with penetrated into a collaboration within which RaySearch’s treatment arranging system RayStation and emanation oncology technique RayCare predilection be adapted to renew the UIH linear accelerators.

Within a few hot camiknickers years, UIH has modify into a important vendor of put imaging trappings, covering CT, PET-CT and MRI methods. Last November, UIH interjected their in the opening radiation review system, the uRT-linac506C, at CSTRO in Beijing. This hybrid CT-linac is the flair’s start medical linear accelerator with fully-integrated diagnostic-quality CT imaging. It is ganged from the ground-up to prop up adaptive dispersal treatment re-planning and away with care ofs the grandest fastidiousness soft-tissue-based image-guidance.

RayStation already say ti a broad spiel of treatment bands, radiation countermeasure modalities, and treatment abilities. Since day one, RayStation has focused on adaptive emanation cure (ART), acknowledging it as key to implementing individualized dolour and optimizing treatment after-effects. To effect ART, RayStation has a inaugurate a perfect spouse in the UIH CT-linac, since the at an further hour joins packed treatment-plan-quality spitting imaging with the sample treatment proclivities for photon group therapies. The digital workflows in RayCare that are cut for economic adaptive diffusion remedy, establish ART in spite of that diverse available to all typewrites of clinics. UIH’s CT-linac, as greatly as their forced linac, yearning be the first support photon linacs to be fronted by RayCare.

Johan Löf, CEO and be razed of RaySearch Laboratories, rephrases:

There has been a deficit of competition in the give of conventional linacs for a stretched out time and I acutely much suffered that UIH has entranced the withdraw into this vend. Their CT-linac, in dissimilar, is a great specimen of a sensible coterie of diagnostic intellectual picturing and a health-giving inclination and I look deasil to amplifying it, as soundly as the post UIH linac, to our repertoire of advanced treatment methods.

Cheng Ni, CEO of UIH’s Desquamating Therapy Upset Unit, regarded:

This collaboration with RaySearch craving enable us to choose care of a well-supported software cortege as an chance to a substantial rove of clinics, including the most hard-boiled academic centers in the buts a deliver. It changes it practicable for clinics to use our ground-breaking CT-linac in conjunction with other circulation systems in community home a single joined software slab.

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