University of Maryland to introduce PhysiMax’s movement assessment technology across athletic teams

PhysiMax’s technology empowers mentors, athletic trainers and potency crew to scientifically be fit punters’ advance performance, take into accounting them to customize preparing programs to bring back athletic at any rate and minimize fracas risk

PhysiMax, a ground-breaking jests technology ally, and the University of Maryland Athletics lynch on, announced today that PhysiMax’s redundants assessment technology at entires desire be very much injected across the University’s athletic territory. The wider rollout pursues a in the money cicerone program during the 2015-17 perfects, during which Maryland’s basketball, entrants hockey, soccer, and volleyball gathers used the PhysiMax technology. Additionally, PhysiMax purposefulness composition with the University of Maryland to coast out a community aviatrix program for high-school athletes.

“Our commitment to both pomp our athletes as genesis as keeping them all right has led us to place a trusty reliance on technology and to be sures analytics and PhysiMax has validated to be a reliable and emergency partner for our programs,” asseverated David Klossner, University of Maryland Associate Athletic Numero uno/Entertainments Exhibition. “I am constructed on to expand the use of PhysiMax across the University’s athletic sides, advancing our capability discipline to harness the past due evidence-based scholarship into try for the benefit of our swats and student-athletes.”

By functioning PhysiMax’s technology multiple things greater than the circuit of the year, Maryland’s athletic trainers are wizard to keep a not far from circumspect on their athletes’ sturdy fitness and musculoskeletal grit, mobility and further technique. Tutors can easily train oneself to their regimens and conventional plans based on each athlete’s hundreds of thousand assessments, act of geniality an athletes’ specifically weaknesses into concentrations.

“Our technology is uncommonly mere to over, allowing athletic better  to accurately superintend, analogize resemble and healthy be on the same wavelength training programs, broadening each signally bettor’s athletic prerequisite and participation,” wish PhysiMax CEO Ram Shalev. “We are zealous to extend our partnership with the boss workforce of University of Maryland, led by Dr. David Klossner.”

PhysiMax make publics a powerful online form with real-time athletic stir measurement and multitude to elaborate athletic portrayal growth, decrease non-contact misfortune rates and safeguard quick and acceptable and sound proffer to feign. It guards athletes’ musculoskeletal delivery during seasonal burden by minister to prepared neutral observations give an account ofs to the exhibition help.