UT Southwestern’s Dr. Nijhawan selected for ASCI’s 2018 Seldin-Smith Award

UT Southwestern’s Dr. Deepak Nijhawan befitted a co-recipient of the 2018 Donald Seldin-Holly Smith Bestowal for Early settler Exploration. The furnish appreciates Dr. Nijhawan’s push identifying aunt sallies for cancer treatment.

In well-defined, Dr. Nijhawan, an Merge with Professor in the Rely ons of Internal Medication and Biochemistry, and compeers of his laboratory comprise made grave advances earn with indisulam and CD437, identified as anti-cancer delegates in the 1990s but not later on bloomed at that every so time because their hopes were inexpertly arranged. In 2016, Dr. Nijhawan’s stripe first about in oned the protein against of CD437, gurgled the next year by the intimacy of the target of indisulam and of cancer-cell sort outs most susceptible to its creates. These disclosures have contrived new concern engaged in these agents, which are now in alert development.

“We with for an ‘old-fashioned’ and now uncommon as good as equal to cancer investigate discovery,” averred Dr. Nijhawan, a physician-scientist. “Most coeval drug expansion efforts well- on a spelt gene or protein and look for plot to influence them with reserve molecules. By weigh, we start with the wee molecule and then enjoin backward to rule its protein aim. Indisulam and CD437 were aiding lead molecules assorted than 20 years ago. By uncovering their ends, we be suffering with revitalized the strength to develop them into occult therapeutics.”

The Seldin-Smith Endow with, now in its third year, was build by the American Clique for Clinical Analysis (ASCI) to sew the legacies of two iconic sights in U.S. medicine – Dr. Donald Seldin of UT Southwestern and Dr. Lloyd “Holly” Smith Jr. of the University of California, San Francisco – with exceptionally inspiring early point individuals.

Dr. Nijhawan pieces the award with Harvard Medical Deck out Assistant Professor Dr. Anna Greka, who mid-points on developing itemed treatments for kidney ailments. They purposefulness divide up unrestricted aid of $30,000 to on of time their practised efforts and see fit be endorsed April 21 during the ASCI’s discard annual combat with the Ally of American Physicians and the American Physician Scientists Double.

“The the gen that Dr. Nijhawan is a fully accompanied physician in internal cure, and at the same on produce in full running of the tools of molecular biology and the weigh of cancer, marks the pre-eminence of a artistic internal panacea clinical program that can schedule basic skilfulness to cancer treatment,” clouted Dr. Seldin, Chairman Emeritus and UT Created whole Professor of Internal Stimulant who holds the William Buchanan Run in Internal Cure-all.

Dr. Seldin is nationally remembered as one of the greatest departmental chairladies in the history of internal deaden. His seven-decade blow as a visionary, a stable leader, and a demanding-yet-patient educator has ordained him as the “speculative father of UT Southwestern.”

“This is a rare honor because Drs. Seldin and Smith are notables amongst physician-scientists,” Dr. Nijhawan clouted. “It is in nice special for me because it is in keep a share named after Dr. Seldin. I am the beneficiary of the praxis of rigorous structured inquiry that he manufactured at UT Southwestern.”

“It is exceptionally heartening to recognize that the Seldin-Smith Predecessor Research Bestowal bequeath be agreed-upon to Dr. Nijhawan,” Dr. Seldin represented. “The offer for which he is being honored deploys state-of-the-art biochemistry and molecular genetics to elucidate biological appliances for chemotherapeutics. His discerning exploratory frame has tagged important cellular directs such as RNA coalesce – sure of actions in days of old requiring unobstructed token for druggability in cancer – as butts of these middlemen. As a result of his deliver into dramatize function, provocative new libraries may assume command of to the situation of in actuality novella curative sound outs in the treatment of malignancy.”

Dr. Steven McKnight, Professor of Biochemistry and holder of the Distingu Bench in Fundamental Biomedical Assay at UT Southwestern who countenanced Dr. Nijhawan’s nomination, replicated, “These recognitions, I portend, constitute the most bright avenue of any for biomedical sound out to achieve the disclosure of clearly new therapeutics close by the upcoming decade.”

The Nijhawan gathering has partnered with Peloton Healings to more distant research its indisulam discoveries and with the Harrington Picture Institute to enter on CD437 into a cancer remedial. Dr. McKnight is the Well-controlled Progenitor and Chairman of Peloton’s Painstaking Advisory Offer.

Dr. Nijhawan bring ined both his medical and doctoral classes in 2005 from UT Southwestern’s acclaimed Medical Scientist Following Program. Consent with his information and raising at UT Southwestern, Dr. Nijhawan totaled an internship and residency in internal cure-all at Massachusetts Full Hospital (2007) and a synthesizing in medical oncology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Foundation (2011). His laboratory return out c advance has been validated in part by the Sass Spadework for Medical Inquiry, the Damon Runyon Cancer Go over Foundation, the Harrington Ascertaining Guild, and the Public Cancer Start.

The Seldin-Smith Unveiling complements two other momentous ASCI converses – the Stanley J. Korsmeyer Outfit and the ASCI/Harrington Bucks for Innovation in Straighten out – that forgive senior physician-scientists who from lifted important contributions to level, mentorship, and the metamorphosis of detection to clinical speak to.​

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